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So I walked into a bar and saw an extremely beautiful woman...

I walked up to her and decided to try a pickup line.
I puffed out my chest, stuck my hand in my pocket;

I asked her "Hey baby, do you think you'd come home with me willingly tonight?"

She responded with a "Hell no!"

"Yeah, me ether."


What do you call a molecule with the structure bunny-O-bunny?

An Ether Bunny!


Do you know what the Ethernet is?

It's used to catch the Etherbunny.


Did you hear about the organic compound who became a bully?

Mean ether.


"Hey there little boy, wanna try some ether? Hop into my van"

My mommy told me not to trust strangers

"Don't worry kid, this is a trustless smart contract van"


Me neither

Did you hear the one about the average of the sum of all organic compounds that contain an oxygen atom connected to two alkyl atoms?


Mean ether.



A breakfast suggestion from Mike Tyson


"Professor, what organic compound do you need for the experiment, Amine or Benzene?"

- Ether is fine


Baby are you an ether?

Coz you get my pp up.


I really dislike going to the dry cleaners

I can't stand perchloroethylene and I don't like glycol ether.


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