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Self esteem is an important part of our wellbeing. Fortunately, there are ways to boost your confidence even if you're feeling a bit low. Read this article to discover some fun and lighthearted jokes that can help boost your self esteem and give you a much needed confidence boost. Learn more about how to look on the bright side of life and keep your spirits high.

Funniest Esteem Short Jokes

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  1. Why are there no highly credited esteemed flat-earthers? Because flattery will get you nowhere.
  2. what do you call a god with low self esteem? an athiest, because he just doesn't believe in himself
  3. If having low confidence and low self-esteem was an Olympic sport... I would probably get bronze.
  4. My therapist recommended that I write in a diary to help my low self-esteem. *Dear Diary,*
    S*orry to bother you again.*
  5. A King says to 3 of his most esteemed Knights - Sir Brand! Kiss my hand.
    - Sir Amit! Kiss my feet.
    - Sir Hancock! Sir Hancock? Why are you running away from me?
  6. My credit card company is super nice, they really help boost my self esteem... They always tell me I have an outstanding balance!
  7. I can't figure out if I only date girls with self esteem issues because I'm ugly or because we have something in common
  8. Me: So do you like guys with low self esteem? Girl: Of course, yes, I do
    Me: Please don't lie to make me feel better
  9. My girlfriend got sick of my self esteem issues and ran off with my best friend. The worst part is they were both imaginary.
  10. Why do Python programmers have low self esteem? They're constantly comparing their self to other.

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Esteem One Liners

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  1. I joined ISIS to help my self esteem issues. Everyone kept telling me You're the bomb.
  2. My girlfriend is like my self-esteem I have none
  3. I have a huge problem with self-esteem But I can only blame myself for that.
  4. My psychiatrist said that I have too much self esteem. I think he's very wrong.
  5. My nihilist best friend has poor self esteem he just doesn't believe in himself.
  6. My self esteem is so low.... The other night my hand told me that it had a headache.
  7. Why was the train engineer always complimenting his train? It was esteem powered.
  8. What kind of appointment lowers your self- esteem? Disappointment
  9. I'd like to have more self-esteem but I don't deserve it.
  10. Did you hear about the marble statue with low self esteem? She was taken for granite
  11. Everyone says that my low self esteem looks bad on me... I agree.
  12. What are 4 words that can ruin a man's self esteem? "Is it in yet?"
  13. why was santa's little helper so depressed? he had low elf esteem!
  14. What do you call a night watchman with deep-set self-esteem issues? An insecurity guard 😏
  15. Why does Atheist Jesus have low self esteem? He doesn't believe in himself.

Self Esteem Jokes

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  • Quadriplegic people have low self esteem. They won't even stand up for themselves.
  • To the people that think they're better than me How did you overcome your self esteem issues?
  • My girlfriend dumped me because I have low self esteem. The worst part is she was imaginary.
  • How low is my self esteem? Well, I'm pretty sure the fbi guy who's responsible for watching me put duct tape on his screen.
  • If God doesn't believe in himself... Does that make him an atheist or does he just have low self-esteem?
  • Buddy, those pills you're taking, are they for your face? No, they're for my low self esteem.. So you're not taking anything for your face?
    (Courtesy of C&H)
  • I would like some more self esteem But I don't deserve it.
  • Self esteem is… …what happens when Jose and Pedro build their own sauna.
  • My girlfriend left me because of my low self esteem I probably deserved it, though
  • When god is having a day with low self esteem... He atheist because He doesn't believe in Himself?

Low Esteem Jokes

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  • Why was Santa's helper doing so poorly at work? Because he had low elf-esteem
    (I hope this hasn't been posted recently...Sorry if it has)
  • Can God be an atheist? Yes, if he has low self esteem and stops believing in himself.
  • Why did Santa's helper see the doctor? Because he had a low "elf" esteem!
  • I have low self esteem so I made an imaginary girlfriend. But she dumped me...
  • Lately my self esteem has been so low... Even in the shower I sing backup vocals.
  • Low self esteem group meeting Please use the back door
  • Once upon a time, God became an atheist... Turns out he was grappling with a low self-esteem.
  • I was at the hospital the other day and the Radiologist had really low self-esteem. I think he had body image issues.
  • What's the worst part about being insane with low self esteem? Not believing in yourself is blasphemy
  • What do you call an ungulate with low self-esteem? A cantelope.
Esteem joke, What do you call an ungulate with low self-esteem?

High Self Esteem Jokes

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  • Nothing against fat chicks having high self-esteem Just not yoga pants high
  • Why did the angles have such high self esteem? Because they kept complementing each other.
Esteem joke, Why did the angles have such high self esteem?

Silly Esteem Jokes for a Good Time with Friends

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I live near a remidial school,

there's a sign on the rode outside that says, 'SLOW CHILDREN'. I thought to myself, that can't be good for their self esteem. But look on the positive side, they can't read it.

Yo mama so fat,

she has self esteem issues.

What's the point of having self esteem...

...If no one likes you :(

Where do guys get their self esteem?

From the Sauna.

why don't I have self esteem

idk you tell me

An esteemed botanist working at a museum was out in his grass meadow one day, observing all of the fauna when...

His assistant, working at the front desk of the museum was approached by an older lady. She asked Truly, how good is this botanist anyways? And where is he, I haven't seen him anywhere! To which the assistant replied Oh, he's out standing in his field!

I was in the car with my family, talking about self esteem...

My 6 six year old daughter says... "daddy, what happens when you look in the mirror and you're ugly?" I'm immediately concerned and ask her "sweety, did someone say something mean to you? you are beautiful". She quickly replies, "no daddy, I was talking about you."

Esteem joke, what do you call a god with low self esteem?

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