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What are donkeys?

If cows are bovine and horses are equine, what are donkeys?



What is a horse's favourite wine?



Equine Choir

I went to see the Equine Choir perform last night, they sounded amazing! Well, except for the Shetland Pony, he was a little horse.


What do prostitute Equine wear?

They wear Whoreshoes


What do you call a person doing equine themed BDSM?



What do you call an equine that skateboards?

Pony Hawk.


What do you call equine prostitute with sore throats?

Hoarse horse whores


What is the equine book on BDSM entitled?

Fifty Shades of Neigh


What do you call equine appetizers?

horse d'oeuvres


When the Greeks invaded Troy, why did their plot use an equine model instead of a bovine one?

Because if it was bovine, their plan would be in sham-bulls.


I can't stand these sanctimonious equine marijuana advocates.

I just wish they'd get off their high horse.


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