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why dont atheists solve exponential equations ?

they dont believe in higher powers.

How do people in Prague solve Algebra equations?

Guess and Czech.

Why can't atheists solve quadratic equations?

They don't believe in higher powers.

Man: Hi when do you use that calculator?

2nd Man: Oh, only on special equations.....

The difference between the engineer, the physicist, and the mathematician..

The engineer believes equations approximate reality..

The physicist believes reality approximates equations..

The mathematician has no idea what the other two are talking about.

Why can't atheist solve exponential equations?

Why can't atheist solve exponential equations?




(Well, because they don't believe in higher powers.) ^(4)

An escalating series of math jokes

Me: Roses are red. Violets are blue. Math is hard, and so I am.

Her: I wish you were my differential equations homework... because if you were, you would be hard and I would be doing you on my desk.

Me: Well, I'm awfully glad you're not *my* differential equations homework... because if you were, you would be 6 weeks late.

Equations joke, An escalating series of math jokes

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade; when life gives you apples, make physics equations


What do you call a person who uses algebraic equations to calculate coffin sizes?

A mathemortician.

My friend was arrested after carving equations into blocks of quartz

He was charged with manufacture of crystal math

What do you call a sudden urge to solve differential equations?


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What do you get when you cross Russian literature with balanced chemical equations?


I love quadratic equations so much I would give up my first born child for it

and that's not a hyperbola

My chemistry teacher pulled this on us today.

We were reviewing balancing chemical equations and got onto the topic of changing the names of compounds into their symbols so we could start balancing them. My teacher starts, "Changing names into symbols, is very much like translating Spanish into English. Maria estudia. Maria studies. Carlos va a la biblioteca. Carlos goes to the library. Now I would have said prison but I don't know how to say that in Spanish."

Girls are like quadratic equations

If they're under 13, just do them in your head.

Al Gore's new band

Did you hear the Al Gore started a band based on math equations?

It's called "Al Gore Rhythm"

Equations joke, Al Gore's new band

What do you call the brand of toilet paper that prints math equations on their rolls?


What do electrical engineers use to clean up their equations?

A handkirchoff.

What do you call a gay guy who is really good at differential equations?


Heeeeeey math jokes!

Why do some writers have a hard time graphing equations?

because they spend too much time with the x-position

Why didn't the student do his thermodynamics homework?

The equations were T dS

I like short logarithm equations...

I guess you could say that I'm a ln-icon.

Why are linear equations so easy to interrogate?

Because they always give you a straight answer.

What it is like to be a math major.

The only thing I satisfy are equations.

As an engineering student, I did poorly in differential equations...

...but it never put a damper on my career.

When making the transition from linear to quadratic equations, the difficulty increases...


Equations joke, When making the transition from linear to quadratic equations, the difficulty increases...

"My patients doesn't last long"

-Said the morally questionable surgeon with poor grammar

(Just thought of this while ignoring a differential equations lecture)

Why is the "n" variable used so many times in alegebriac equations?

You guessed it right.

I did some work with polynomial equations today, I think I'm a genius.


My maths teacher told me that some people say "bang" when referring to factorials in equations.

So bang and the zero is one

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