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An enthusiastic optician throwing dozens of pairs of glasses out into a crowd.

A Colt 1911 and a Glock walks into a bar...

The 1911 says to the Glock: "Hey, ugly foreigner, want to do a drinking contest?"

The Glock says "You old idiot, you can only last 8 rounds!"

From a friend of mine who's a gun enthusiast.

An aviation enthusiast enters a bar.

He asks, "Do you have any helicopter flavored potato chips?" The bartender laughs and says, "Sorry, we only have plain chips."

what idiot called it a moon enthusiast and not a lunatic

jokes about enthusiast

What did the middle eastern man say to his marijuana enthusiast wife?


What's the difference between a bird enthusiast and a crappy clock repairman?

One murders watches, and the other watches murders.

An atheist, a vegan, and a cross fit enthusiast walk into a bar.

And everyone knows because he won't shut up about it.

Enthusiast joke, An atheist, a vegan, and a cross fit enthusiast walk into a bar.

How do you call a car enthusiast who's interested in bikes?


Did you hear the one about the American military aviation enthusiast who bought himself a French fighter plane?

He was arrested for possession of an Assault Rafale.

How does the enthusiastic chef serve his burgers?

With relish

Bird puns

I am a bird enthusiast. My friend tried to annoy me with bird puns, but then I realized: toucan play at that game.

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What did the carpet enthusiast say to his mistress?

I haven't had hard wood in 15 years.

What do you call a Catholic Missionary who is also a car enthusiast?

A Catholitic Converter

Hitler was quite the health enthusiast, too -

He went on quite a Jews cleanse

Why did the car enthusiast have trouble getting a BMW tattoo on his belly?

Because he had an Audi

As a wine enthusiast, I am appalled by Trump's recent executive orders.

What right does he have to ban sommeliers from entering this country?

Enthusiast joke, As a wine enthusiast, I am appalled by Trump's recent executive orders.

Did you hear about the Mortgage Enthusiast Club?

They had to disband due to lack of interest.

What did the busy BDSM enthusiast say to avoid coming into work?

"Sorry, my hands are tied!" ^^im ^^^so ^^^^sorry

Why should you never trust a bdsm enthusiast when the game is on the line?

They enjoy getting beat when tied up!

What do you call a BDSM enthusiast who lost her equipment?

A Ropeless Homantic

Subscribers to Bread Enthusiast Monthly were upset when the July edition was all about flat bread. They said it was too big of a change from all the magazine's usual topics.

In actuality, it was a naan-issue.

I've been banned from almost all of the beer enthusiast forums...

Why do they always get their flagon when I come around?

What do you get when you cross a fisherman with a jazz enthusiast?

An Anglo-Saxon ^^I'm ^^^So ^^^^Sorry

What does an inner-city Richard Wagner enthusiast tell his dentist?

I'd leitmotif, please.

What do you call a house where a bear hunting enthusiast lives

A trap house

Why did the turkey stick his leg in front of the football enthusiast?

Turkeys are full of trip da fan.

Enthusiast joke, Why did the turkey stick his leg in front of the football enthusiast?

My mother's sister died

My mother's sister, who was a Greek Drama enthusiast, died yesterday.

How did the mailman know the package was meant for the gelatin enthusiast?

The package was signed, congealed and delivered.

A football enthusiast cleverly asked me to sleep with her by asking if she could touch down on my richard...

I said, yeah Sherman.

What do you call an avaition enthusiast

A wing nut

I'll... show myself out

As an intolerant dyslexic sports enthusiast...

I really hate all transrefs coming between seasons in college football.

A Nickelodeon fan and a Namco enthusiast walk into a bar.

The Nickelodeon fan says to him, "Yo, do you dig Doug?"

What do you call a buff tree enthusiast?

Meaty oaker.

A wave of crime is sweeping Metropolis. Superman is helpless to stop the instigator, a code-breaking enthusiast dressed in full plate armour.

Can no one save us from the Crypto-Knight?

Did you hear about the crossword puzzle enthusiast who recently died?

He was buried 4 down and six across.

OC joke: How to differentiate if a person is a genetics expert or a BDSM enthusiast?

Ask them the opposite of 'dominant'

My girlfriend left me and became a motorcycle enthusiast

I guess she prefers two strokes to one stroke

What do a bisexual monarch and a cycling enthusiast have in common?


What do you call a boomerang enthusiast convention?

A meet and yeet

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