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A black man is driving his Mercedes when he gets pulled over by a cop.

The cop asks him for his license and regristration and begins to question him about his car. "Where'd you get the money to buy such a nice Benz?" The man replies, "I'm a specialty surgeon, I enlarge assholes." Skeptical, the officer asks more about the procedure. The man explains, "First you work a finger in, then two, three, until you can get your whole hand in...then you do the other and slowly pull and work the rim until you can get a foot in for more leverage, then both feet and pull and stretch it until it's about 6'. The cop asks, "What the hell do you do with a 6 foot asshole?" The black man replies, "Give it a badge and a radar gun".



My wife suggested I get a penis enlarger. So I did, she's 25 and her name is Tiffany


So I went online and bought one of these devices that enlarge your penis

The bastards sent me a magnifying glass with a warning label:



Plastic Surgery

A wife announces that she wants to have plastic surgery to enlarge her breasts.

Her husband tells her, "Hey, you don't need surgery to do that. I know how to do it without surgery."

The wife asks, "How do I do it without surgery?"

"Just rub toilet paper between them."

Startled the wife asks, "How does that make them bigger?"

"I don't know, but it worked for your ass."


if you could enlarge one part of your body to any size,

would you make your penis 12 or 13 inches?


So the Enlarged Prostate and the Bladder are taking.

The bladder says " move I gotta pee!" the Enlarged Prostate smiles and says " Sorry but urine trouble."


My dick is like cereal...

As in when I take pics of it I enlarge to show texture.


There is a simple trick asians can use to enlarge their penises.

It's called a microscope.


A man pays $10000 to a doctor to enlarge his penis.

The doctor gave him a $5 Magnifying glass.


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