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A doctor walks into a bank.

Preparing to endorse a check, he pulls a rectal thermometer out of his shirt pocket and tries to 'write' with it.

Realizing his mistake, he looks at the thermometer with annoyance and says, "Well that's great, just great...some asshole's got my pen."

Nine of ten doctors agree:

Getting paid to endorse things is awesome

Monica Lewinsky says she won't endorse Hillary for president...

"The last Clinton presidency left a bad taste in my mouth"

Monica Lewinsky says she WILL endorse Hillary for president...

..says Hillary Clinton "doesn't suck."

I wanted to take this moment to say that I endorse podiums.

Now that's a product I can stand behind.

I endorse podiums...

That's a product I can stand behind.

I'd like to take this opportunity to endorse podiums

They're really a product I can stand behind!

Endorse joke, I'd like to take this opportunity to endorse podiums

So I've seen a lot of booze ads lately

And they all say please drink Responsibly or enjoy Responsibly or something like that, and I'm just confused.

What kind of drink does Responsibly make that even other brands endorse it in their own ads?

Emperor Palpatine decides to endorse Mountain Dew and appears on an advertisement


Why did the Mayor take so long to endorse a Presidential candidate?

Because he was running on CP time.

Celebrities are now being hired to endorse laxatives.

Someone call William Shatner.

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Why can't you sign a check outside?

Because you have to endorse.

I am proud to endorse podiums

That's a product I can stand behind

Today I'd like to endorse podiums

Now that is a product I can get behind

Why did Chris Christie endorse Donald Trump?

Christie wants the highest cabinet position possible because he knows - the higher cabinet is where they keep all the cookies!

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