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U.S. vending machines to begin displaying calorie information to encourage smarter snack choices.

Machines' reflective glass surface not doing the trick.

How do you encourage a potter while he's glazing his bowl?

"Way to go dude, you're kiln it!"

What do Green Eggs and Ham and Fifty Shades of Grey have in common?

They both encourage people who can barely read to try new things.

How do you encourage a bartender?

"That's the spirit!"

How do you discourage a bartender?


How do trees encourage one another?

They say "I'm rooting for you"

My wife gained more than 100 pounds during pregnancy, so I started walking 5 miles every day to encourage her.

It's been three months and now I'm over 300 miles away from home.

Why does Anna's mom encourage her daughter to experiment with sexuality?

Because she lives bicuriously through others .

Encourage joke, Why does Anna's mom encourage her daughter to experiment with sexuality?

What did Simon's dad, Paul, say to his son to encourage him just before he went to compete in the National Leg Breaking Championships?

"Have a good one, son."

What do Jedi Knights say to encourage the use of analogies?

"Metaphors be with you."

If Christians want to stop gay s**......

they should encourage gay marriage.

How do you encourage a bear to eat cheese?

C'mon bear!

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What did Han Solo say to Kylo Ren to encourage him to stop stealing cockatiels?

Great kid, don't get c**...!

Games like LoL show an increasing fervor towards h**...'s political party

It's proven that this type of games encourage the average consumer to act in a NaCl way.

Gamers say video games don't encourage violence.

Yet this new Star Wars Battlefront has got everyone wielding pitchforks.

What do you give an apprehensive person with bad breath?

An encourage mint.

There should be a Shingles vaccine campaign run to encourage vaccinations at a local level...

They could call it "Hot Shingles in your area"

Encourage joke, There should be a Shingles vaccine campaign run to encourage vaccinations at a local level...

A blonde, brunette and redhead are in a skyscraper

Suddenly, a fire starts and the three of them are trapped on a balcony. The firemen show up and hold out a canopy for the girls to jump onto. The brunette jumps and the firemen miss her with the canopy. They apologize and encourage the other two girls to jump. The redhead jumps and the firemen miss her as well. The firemen apologize again and ensure the blonde they will catch her. She says, "I'm not s**..., put it on the ground and I'll jump."

When you put catnip in a scratching board to encourage cats to scratch it, you think it's cute when they use it.

But I would think that from their point of view, it's more like a crack addict that dropped a rock through a grate and is trying to get it back.

A girl asks her dyslexic friend her opinion about a guy that's asked her out. In a failed attempt to encourage her, she says...

He's a peeker!

Good ol'e USA

18: can I buy a bottle of wine?

USA: no that's i**... & irresponsible

18: can I go $50,000 into debt for education?

USA: we encourage it

Italy launched a hip new campaign to encourage young entrepreneurs: #GenerationItaly

Soon the youth couldn't stop talkin about Gen-Italia

Why did the pastor encourage his entire congregation to go to an acupuncturist?

So, that they would become more holy.

I want to encourage you all to not a**... alcohol.

And remember, neglect is a form of a**....

How do you encourage a Turkish person?

Pat them on the back and say "Ataturk!"

How do you get an emo off your balcony?

You encourage them

Whitehouse has a new slogan to encourage everyone to get back to work, school and boost the economy...

**!!No Lives Matter!!**

Encourage joke, Whitehouse has a new slogan to encourage everyone to get back to work, school and boost the economy.

Plastic surgeons are the only people that actually . . .

encourage you to pick your nose.

Yo mama so fat

>!We're genuinely worried about her. That kind of lifestyle is unhealthy. You should encourage her to walk more and lay off the Ben&j**...'s.!<

A king's chef was sentenced to death, after serving terrible food one too many times...

On the day the sentence was to be carried out, the chef brought one of his cakes and presented it to the headsman, in the hopes it would encourage him to make the death quick and painless.

When the headsman returned home, his wife asked how the proceedings had gone.

"Awful taste but great execution."

What did the Hawaiian Jihadist say to encourage himself?

Aloha Akbar!

There was a recall on bird food but most places are offering a refund if you return it.

It strikes me as odd that they would encourage you to give bad feed back.

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