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  1. At the zoo I noticed a slice of toast in one of the enclosures. I asked the keeper, 'How did that toast get into the cage?'
    'It was bread in captivity' she replied.
  2. Just back from the zoo. Saw a slice of toast lying in one of the enclosures. It was bread in captivity.
  3. My wife is so ugly... she walked past the walrus enclosure at Sea World, and her iPhone X unlocked itself.
  4. A leopard tried to sneak out of his enclosure by pretending to be a zebra. But he was spotted.
  5. I felt sorry for the sea world animals trapped in enclosures. So I fed them some fish laced with hashish. It felt good to serve a higher porpoise.
  6. I went to the zoo today, but all of the animal pens were completely empty except for a single enclosure that had one little dog in it. It was a shitzu.
  7. I went tonthe zoo and all they had was one small dog and an empty gorilla enclosure...
    It was a shotzu.
  8. Yo momma's so ugly, they put her in the chimp enclosure to stop the chimpanzee's from jerking off!
  9. I was talking to my friend who has horses and pigs in the same enclosure He told me someone stole the roof off of it
    Well there goes the neigh-boar hood
  10. [zoo] cop: what happened here? boss: they attacked when he tried to inflate one of them
    me inside enclosure: [with final breath] babloon

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Enclosure One Liners

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  1. Hey girl, are you Harambes enclosure? Because i want to drop babies in you.
  2. Hey girl, are you a gorilla enclosure.. Because I wanna drop a baby in you
  3. What's black, grey, and red all over? A gorilla with a child in the enclosure.
  4. A man enters zoo enclosure to feed the tigers. succeeds
  5. A big cat escaped from its enclosure at the zoo yesterday. Almost made me puma pants.
  6. What do you call a kid who falls into a gorilla enclosure? Zoolander
  7. BREAKING: Tiger kills worker in an enclosure at UK zoo park Man he took that DUI hard
  8. How to legalize animal poaching ? Drop a kid in their zoo enclosure.
  9. What do you call a zoo enclosure without any change? A nickeless cage.
  10. Hay gurl are you a gorilla enclosure? Cause' I wanna drop a kid in you.
  11. Girl are you a gorilla enclosure Because I want to throw a kid in you.
  12. My wife just lost her job at the whale enclosure at Sea World. Orcaward.
  13. What do I do when the Tiger breaks out of its enclosure and bites me? ISUZU
  14. Child falls in gorilla enclosure what happens next will blow his mind
  15. How do you kill a gorilla? Put a child in its enclosure.

Enclosure joke, How do you kill a gorilla?

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I took my 8 year old niece to the zoo last week...

..we were walking around the various cages and enclosures when all of a sudden she yells, Look Uncle John! It's a frickin' Elephant!
I was shocked and slightly angry, as everybody was looking at us. What did you just call it? I asked.
It's a frickin' Elephant, it says so on the picture! she said, ... and so it did, A F R I C A N Elephant.

A zoo's only gorilla dies...

so the zookeeper hires an actor to wear a gorilla costume until the zoo can get another one.
In the gorilla pen the actor makes faces, beats his chest, swings around, and soon draws a huge crowd. Encouraged, he then crawls atop a beam across the lion's enclosure, taunting the animal below. But, in horror, he lost his grip, falling into the lion's cage.
Terrified, the actor shouts, Help! Help me! Too late. The lion pounces, opens its massive jaws, and whispers urgently, Shut up! Do you want to get us both fired?!

A tourist is eaten by a python at the zoo.

Two tourists from the Czech republic are visiting New York. At the zoo, one leans forward, trying to get real close to the pythons. He falls down into the enclosure and is quickly swallowed whole.
Panicking, the other guy runs up to a caretaker and cries out for help. The caretaker asks him: "Which of these pythons ate your friend, the male or the female one?"
"That one! That one!", exclaims the Czech, pointing at the male snake, bloated with its stomach full. The caretaker runs up behind the satiated snake, cuts it open and pulls out ... a feeder pig.
"Oh no, it must have been the other one", yells the tourist. So the keeper cuts open the female snake, and sure enough, out comes the tourist.
In the end, the tourist could be revived, and miraculously, both snakes managed to live through the events, but there's still a lesson to be learned here: Never trust someone who tells you the Czech is in the male.

Today at the zoo I was let into the Lion enclosure

I said to the lion handler Why do I do if the lion tries to attack me?
He replied Don't be afraid it's very simple, if the lion charges you, reach behind your back, grab a pile of s**... off the ground and throw it in the lions face
I said to him But what if I reach behind me and there is no pile of s**... on the ground?
To which the lion handler said Don't worry it'll be there

So apparently a gorilla got shot at the zoo for grabbing a kid that had wandered into its enclosure..

And social media went a**....

The Arizona Wildlife World Zoo refused to euthanize the panther that killed a woman who jumped into its enclosure to take a selfie...

...making it the first black entity to ever successfully invoke the Castle Doctrine/Stand Your Ground against a white entity.

A man goes to the police to report s**... harassment in the work place by a group of h**... work colleagues.

He's a zoo keeper in the rhino enclosure.

What do you call a calf that doesn't listen to its parents?

Grounded beef.
This was made up by my 12 year old brother when we saw a calf escaped the enclosure on a neighbouring farm. I'll let him know what you all think.

I was at the zoo the other day when I noticed a baguette in one of the enclosures...

I went up to the zookeeper and asked why there was a baguette in a zoo. He replied "oh that?! It's bread in captivity"

The Priest and the Tiger

A priest visits the zoo, but accidentally trips over, landing in the tiger enclosure. The tiger slowly approaches the priest, so the priest begins to pray.
To his surprise the tiger prays too.
'Its a miracle!' The priest exclaims. 'I thought you were going to eat me.'
'Shut up you idiot, I'm just saying grace!' Replies the tiger.

A family go to the zoo

They're excited to see all the exotic animals, birds & reptiles. The first enclosure is empty, totally deserted. Unperturbed they carry on to the next one.. again it's empty!
Every single enclosure, cage, run and avery they encounter is empty, deserted and unkempt..
Except, right beside the exit is the last one; a single small solitary cage.
And in it sat a small furry creature.. a dog!
The father looked at it and it occurred to him,
"This is a shih tzu!"

A Muslim Couple decided to spend their day at the zoo.

They stopped at the Gorilla enclosure.
The Girlfriend then said, "The baby gorilla is soooo cute, I want to kiss it"
The Boyfriend then said. "No! That is Haram bae!!"

I went to the Zoo the other day

and there was a loaf of Hovis in the Lion enclosure - so I went up to the zookeeper and said "What's that doing in there?"
and he said "That? That's bread in captivity"

Two men are organizing a herd of deer.

Two men are organizing a herd of deer.
Seeing as the had 26 deer, they decided to label each one with a letter of the alphabet. As they're herding them into an enclosure, they realize they only had 25.
One of them's missing, said the first man.
Oh dear.

Enclosure joke, What do you call a zoo enclosure without any change?