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A man goes to see his urologist

about a problem he's having. "Well," says the doctor, "let's have a look at the little- Jesus Christ, that's quite the schlong you've got there!" - "Yeah, you see, it's 15 inches and scares the girls away. I'd really like to have it shortened by a few." The urologist contemplates the man's request shortly before answering, "you know, I've just the thing for you. If you really want to shave a few inches off that hammer of justice of yours, go into the woods and look for an enchanted frog. Every time he answers a question negatively, your pocket howitzer will shrink by three full inches!"

Thrilled by that news, the man, armed with a measuring tape, goes into the woods to find the frog. After hours of searching, a voice behind him croaks, "looking for someone?" - the enchanted frog! The man wastes no time: "Will you marry me, frog?", he asks. "No way.", says the frog. The man goes to check his pecker behind a tree and - eureka! - sees it's 3 inches shorter. "A footlong johnson is still a bit too much", he thinks, and asks the frog again, to the same effect. With nine inches left, he still isn't quite content, so he walks over to the frog once more. "So, frog. Will you marry me now?" - "Goddammit, human. I told you no, no, fucking NO!"


A Date on the Beach

A man once took his sweetheart for a Valentine's Day picnic on the beach. All was going well, when suddenly they were attacked by nesting shorebirds. I guess you could say their enchanted evening took a tern for the worse.


On a dark and stormy night...

...a comet flies past Earth. This comet was enchanted, and after it flew past the world, it caused all statues to come to life, solely focused on destroying every country in the world.

No nation was left safe from this attack. The gargoyles attacked France. The Statue of Liberty led a revolt against America. Michelangelo's David led the charge towards Italy.

As the war of human versus statue waged on, a group went into the United Kingdom, led by the Venus de Milo, intent on overthrowing the English government.

However, as the statues were ready to attack, the British generals noticed something. None of the statues had any weapons! No guns, knives, armor, anything.

After this realization, one British general turns to another, points at the leader of the statues and says,

"Don't worry; she's 'armless."


Skipping Rocks on Enchanted Lake

A Chinese man is skipping rocks on a lake and every time the rock skips the lake goes CHING CHANG CHONG. This black guy is watching this and he says, "what the hell was that all about?" The Chinese guy says, "this enchanted lake. every time you throw rock it tell you family history." The black guy says, "well shit, let me try" He skips a rock and the lake goes CHIM PAN ZEE. he gets all pissed off and throws a boulder in the lake and it goes BA BOON


Did you know that the Enchanted forest is a place of transformation?

I feel that this forest really changed us all.


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