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Last summer I planned to elope with my Cherokee fiancé

but she had her reservations.

What is Romeo and Juliet's least favorite fruit?

Can't- elope!

Why was the farmer disappointed when he tried to marry his prized melon?

Because the minister wouldn't marry the two, since a melon can't elope!

I cant elope....

Because im a fruit!

What's the best kind of fruit to marry?

A melon.
They can't elope.

I gave a melon a vasectomy.

Now it can't elope

Why did the melon leave her boyfriend?

He said he can't elope.

Elope joke, Why did the melon leave her boyfriend?

Why were the boy and girl melons depressed?

Because they can't elope.

Which fruit can't get married?

A can't elope.

Or better yet

None of them because of the lgbt movement.

Why did the fruit have relationship issues?

He cant elope

Made up this melon joke and my wife laughed

Why didn't the melons get married?

Because they can't elope!

Hahaha, I'll find my own way out...

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Why do melons always have big weddings?

Because they can't elope.

Why can't deer get marred?

Because they can't elope

Did you hear about the two tornados in Las Vegas?

They decided to elope after a whirlwind romance!

A melon went to ask his girlfriends parents if he could marry her

The mother replied, "sure but you cant elope"

Why do melons hold the traditional ceremony of marriage in such high regard?

Because they can't elope.

Elope joke, Why do melons hold the traditional ceremony of marriage in such high regard?

Why must melons always get married?

Because they can't elope

Why do melons need their parents' permission to get married?

Because they can't elope!

Some melons aren't married.

The can't elope

Why can't two male melons get married?

Because guys can't elope.

Why do melon relationships always end in heartbreak?

Because they can't elope.

Why couldn't the two melons wed?

Because they can't elope.

Why aren't there more hybrid forms of cantaloupe?

They can't elope.

Why don't melons get married?

They can't elope.

What's the worst thing to eat before a quick vegas wedding?

Canteloupe (Can't elope)

Humans can elope

Fruits cantaloupe.

Elope joke, Humans can elope

"Baby! Can't we just run away together?"

"I'm sorry my sweet. We can't elope"

Two melons were in the supermarket

When one exclaimed to the other Let's run away from this place and get married!!

The other one replied Honey I do want to, but you know I can't elope

What do you call a squash that can't get married?

Cant elope

Melons are unable to run away and get married.

They can't elope

Why did the two melons have a large wedding?

Because they can't elope.

A teenager confesses to her mother

T: "I have decided to run away and elope with Marty the mail man"

M: "Oh, but honey he could be your father"

T: "I don't care, he loves me, age is just a number"

M: "Oh no, deary, I didn't mean it that way..."

What did the watermelon say to the honeydew melon?

We're not right for each other, we can't elope (Cantaloupe)

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