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Why is Elizabeth Warren really running for president?

She will finally get to be called Chief.

Saw a gravestone yesterday marked 'Eliza'...

Eliza Mann

Elizabeth Warren just said that she also got a bomb in the mail.

The FBI investigated and said it was a firecracker.

Elizabeth Warren now claims it was 1/1024th of a bomb.

What is Elizabeth Warren's Native American name?

Lying Female Dog.

Elizabeth Warren's DNA proved that the only WHITER

Person then her in America is Rachel Doleza !!!!

How does Elizabeth Warren answer the phone?

Hi how are yaa hi how are yaa

Elizabeth Warren: "Sometimes I feel like a teepee. Sometimes I feel like a wigwam."

Psychiatrist: "You're two tense."

Eliza joke, Elizabeth Warren: "Sometimes I feel like a teepee. Sometimes I feel like a wigwam."

Elizabeth Warren got her DNA tests back....

and she is not the father

Elizabeth Warren's DNA Results Showed that she was 100%

Naive American

How do you say Elizabeth Warren's name in Spanish?


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