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What does the alchemist do to please his girlfriend?


How does an apothecary please his wife?


How does an alchemist get his girl in the mood?

Elixir :P

My grandfather was arrested several times...

...for selling a phony immortality elixir.

Once in 1885, again in 1922, a third time in 1964, another time in December 2021...

How does the alchemist please his wife?


How does the Alchemist turn on his girlfriend?


What does an alchemist do to his girlfriend when she's h**...?


Elixir joke, What does an alchemist do to his girlfriend when she's h**...?

Are you an elixir?

Because you made my PP go up.

Magic Elixir of Life

A man was walking through Sarasota selling door to door what he claimed to be the "Magic Elixir of Life."

Of course there were complaints and the police arrested him. They ran a background check of him and found the man had quite a long record of such dealings. He was first arrested for that type of crime in England . . . . in 1660.

How does a young man make an old woman feel young again?


Why does nobody want to buy my "De-Aging" Elixir?

I thought everyone would want to be youthanized...

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How does the Potions Master arouse his wife?


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