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What's the name of the elite hacking group from Canada?


A man walks into a bar...

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Anybody know some white people jokes?

I'm an avid racist and like to have plenty of denigrating jokes at the ready for any particular race. Sadly I know very few targeted at Caucasians, and the ones I do know make them look sorta good (rich, stable, part of ruling elite). Anybody know any jokes that poke fun at being white?

Elite joke, Anybody know some white people jokes?

I used to be elite back in my country, but then I moved to the USA

Now I'm just 1:37 PM

What is the name of Apple's revolutionary new product that allows elite pirates to see from their eyepatches.

The iEyeCaptain

The most elite sex club in the world is...

the illuminaughty.

An elite military unit is now full of disabled people.

They call it the 'Special Forces'.

Elite joke, An elite military unit is now full of disabled people.

I think that the powerful, elite titans of industry have learned an important lesson from this whole Harvey Weinstein ordeal.

Never hire a board of directors.

What do you call a food that used to be enjoyed by the poor, but is now eaten by the wealthy elite?

Gentrifried rice.

I just joined an elite military branch of trained dolphins

The Navy Squeals

What do you call an elite group of detectives that are comprised of hens?

The Clue Clucks Clan

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What do you call an Elite Team of United Airlines employees?

Steal Your Seat Team Six.

I told the insect I knew he used to be part of an elite military unit

he was exuberant

Before the Rothschilds, who was the elite banking family?

The Rothsparents

What do you call a developmentally challenged member of the ruling elite?

An autistocrat.

What do you call an elite team of crime solving tree surgeons?

Special branch.

Elite joke, What do you call an elite team of crime solving tree surgeons?

Blackline Elite is that the new product!!

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