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Inspired by a recent ELI5: "Why is milk measured in gallons and soda in litres", I present this oldie...

Q: What comes in quarts?



A: Elephants

I commented on a ELI5 about occam's razor.

My answer wasn't long enough and was flagged by the moderator-bot.

ELI5 How easy is it to get into watching NETFLIX...

...when I haven't even seen NETFL**I** - NETFL**VIII**

Eli5 joke, ELI5 How easy is it to get into watching NETFLIX...

ELI5: If Silicon Valley seceded from the US

would they be considered a developing nation?

ELI5: What is a loaded question, and why is it bad?

What did Peyton Manning said to his younger brother about the new NFL rule?

ELI5 (explain me like I am five)

ELI5: what is it like being 6?

I'm only 5 and I'm about to turn 6.

Eli5 joke, ELI5: what is it like being 6?

ELI5: Why does it taste like salt when you shake an invisible salt shaker into your mouth?

What's the difference between ELI5 and AskScience?

About 3 replies in the top comment thread.

Half the time, I just want to respond to an ELI5 thread with

"I'll tell you when you're older."

ELI5: Why doesn't BMW install turn signals on their cars?

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ELI5: What's a Freudian slip?

It's what your mother wears under her dress.

ELI5 What happens when a high school calls in a replacement teacher for a subject they know nothing about?

Ooops... wrong sub.

ELI5 Why would an alien ever visit Roswell?

________________ Fill in the blank or answer the question.

ELI5: Why do we blink subconsciously?

You aren't now!


Why do I always feel like i'm being patronized?

Eli5 joke, ELI5

ELI5: Why is the Italian BMT so similar to the Cold Cut Combo?

ELI5: How do suppositories work?

I find my friend's explanation hard to swallow.

ELI5: Why are download speeds so much faster than upload speeds?

Is it because of gravity?

Eli5: How does recycling in major cities work?

ELI5: How do bald people determine where to end soaping when they wash their face?

Or do they just go all the way and shampoo with the soap.

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