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TIL the Earth produces global electromagnetic resonance with the highest peak frequency of 33.8Hz, slightly lower than a C#1 note with a frequency of 34.65Hz.

I guess you can say the earth is flat.

Nurse walks into the doctors office and says: Doctor, there's a man here who says he's invisible.

Oh that's my pal Steve from the optics lab at DARPA. They're developing electromagnetic metamaterials to use in a cloaking device.

Tell him I can't see him now.

A woman asks her husband...

about the electromagnetic spectrum so that she may help her son with his homework. She asks, "sweetheart, what comes after visible light again?" The father answers, "Ultraviolet, darling."

Electromagnetic joke, A woman asks her husband...

I used have a friend who was on the spectrum

I asked him, On what spectrum, the electromagnetic spectrum?

He responded, No, I'm autistic.

So I responded, So what, you don't understand jokes?

I'm reading an interesting book about Electromagnetic Levitation

I can't put it down

The electromagnetic wave arrived at the hotel, when the hotelier asks...

"Do you have any baggage to check in?" - "No, I'm traveling light."

After building the wall, Trump to build an electromagnetic barrier to prevent foreign bees from entering the U.S. by sending waves that interfere with their communication.

Trump is strictly against Global Swarming

Electromagnetic joke, After building the wall, Trump to build an electromagnetic barrier to prevent foreign bees from ente

What did the Spanish photon say when it had finally had enough of being the electromagnetic force carrier?

No mas.

What would you call a supervillain that could control every part of the electro-magnetic spectrum except 495-570 nm?


In Electromagnetic theory lecture

Prof Bhatt : What is BxA for a thin straight current carrying conductor?
Me : Wired Flux.
Bhatt : Ok.

What do you call terrorists who have degrees in material science and electromagnetic theory?


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Why does visible light take up so little space on the electromagnetic spectrum?

Because its space was violeted.

I guess ill take it

you mean you flooded my building with dangerous electromagnetic radiation as a prank?

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