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Why is it impossible to electrocute a barista?

Coffee grounds.

Can you be electrocuted by a news story?

The answer may shock you.

I just electrocuted myself

It really hertz

Electrocute joke, I just electrocuted myself

I just got electrocuted.

It hertz so bad, Watt do I do?

I just got electrocuted

It hertz

What happens when you electrocute a chickpea?

You'll get charged with hummuscide

I just electrocuted myself

How do you current-ly feel?

I'm kind of shocked

Watt, I didn't hear you

I said it hertz a lot

Electrocute joke, I just electrocuted myself

I was electrocuted by the Playstation controller.

I was shocked twice.

Did you hear about the depressed genius inventor?

He made a device to electrocute himself... He was shocked when it failed.

Let it be known that if I'm ever being electrocuted . . .

I just want them to pull the plug on me.

My ex was electrocuted while making love to a sex-robot.

It came as a terrible shock.

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The condemned says to the judge: "please don't electrocute me. I'm only 20, please cut me some slack and suspend my sentence"

So the judge hanged him.

When you get electrocuted...

It really hertz.

I electrocuted my self once,

It was a right buzz!

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