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Why was the electron mad?

Well, it doesn't really matter...

Electrons love a bargain

An electron walks into a bar and asks the bartender "what kind of specials do you have today?"

Bartender says "for you, all prices are reduced".

What's the most electronegative state?


Electro joke, What's the most electronegative state?

Why was the electrolytic solution taken to court?

It was charged with a salt.

Where do two electrons race?

On a circuit

I just electrocuted myself

It really hertz

What does the electron say to the resistor?

Ohm my god you're impeding me. *initiate knee slap

Electro joke, What does the electron say to the resistor?

Relativity theory

In classical (Newtonian) physics, we can't solve the three-body problem. In the theory of relativity, we can't solve the two-body problem. In quantum mechanics, we can't solve the one-body problem, and with quantum electro dynamics, we don't even understand the vacuum anymore.

Can you be electrocuted by a news story?

The answer may shock you.

An electron is speeding down the highway when a police officer pulls him over.

The officer walks up to the car and asks, "do you know how fast you were going."

The electron replies, "Yeah, but now I'm lost."

How many electrons does a negatively charged oxygen atom have?


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How cute does one have to be to make sparks fly?

Electro cute

What does as electronic engineer make for breakfast?


Two electrons were talking...

The first electron said: "I remember when I transferred to the ground state, good times"

The second electron, knowing the first was making the story up replied: "You've never been down there, there's no need to Lyman!"

How did the electron board the train?

It lepton

What does electron and proton say when they go to war?


Electro joke, What does electron and proton say when they go to war?

Hi electron, will you be at home tonight?


An electron is driving down the highway...

...and a policeman pulls him over. The policeman says, Sir, do you realize that you were traveling at 670,616,629 MPH?

The electron replies, Oh great, now I'm lost.

My electronegativity class in college was such a blow off class!

I got an F on all my exams for the class, but I still managed to maintain a 4.0 GPA.

Why didn't the electron leave it's house?

Because it was grounded.

Can electrocution get someone jail time?

I'm not sure, but they'd definitely be charged

Why was the electrochemical cell arrested?

Because he was convicted of battery.

The electromagnetic wave arrived at the hotel, when the hotelier asks...

"Do you have any baggage to check in?" - "No, I'm traveling light."

I saw an electronic sign that said 'Check Your Speed' in flashing lights.

Lucky I did, it had almost fallen out of my pocket.

An electrolyte and a solvent are talking in jail.

Solvent: What are you in for?
Electrolyte: A salt charge.

Are electrons pessimistic or optimistic?

Obviously pessimistic, they are always negative!

Electron walks into a bar, bartender says what'll you have?

Electron says, "I'm not positive, how about something that excites me.?

I just got electrocuted.

It hertz so bad, Watt do I do?

Why do electrons never take HIV tests?

They know their negative.

The electron asked the photon "Did you pack your bags?"

The photon said, "No, I'm traveling light".

Electronics run on smoke...

It leaks out, they stop working.

What happens when you take an electron off a seal?

You get a sea lion

I was electrocuted by the Playstation controller.

I was shocked twice.

My electronics professor said

**Microsoft** *created* **Google** Chrome

I just electrocuted myself

How do you current-ly feel?

I'm kind of shocked

Watt, I didn't hear you

I said it hertz a lot

All Electrons were having the party

All Electrons were having the party

Suddenly protons attacked them..

A hero came and saved the electrons..

Electrons asked hero: "Who are you ?? "





Hero said : " BOND .. COVALENT BOND "

What happens when you electrocute a chickpea?

You'll get charged with hummuscide

In Electromagnetic theory lecture

Prof Bhatt : What is BxA for a thin straight current carrying conductor?
Me : Wired Flux.
Bhatt : Ok.

An electron is driving really fast...

...when a cop pulls it over.

"Do you even know how fast you were going there?" Asks the cop.

"Of course," replies the electron, "I knew exactly how fast I was going. But I thought this was the highway!"

"The highway?" The cop asks, shocked. "Do you even know where you are?"

The electron thinks for a moment and says, "No."

A few electrons are having a party

When suddenly, an uninvited proton enters, and since opposites attract, all the electrons get stuck to him. Unable to pull themselves away from the gatecrasher, they scream for help. A mystery stranger hears their cries, jumps in, pulls all the electrons off and throws the proton out of the premises. The grateful electrons ask their saviour to identify himself. Mysteriously, he pulls down his hat and answers:

"Bond. Covalent Bond."

An electron was pulled over by the quantum state patrol...

The officer walked up to the car and said, "do you know how fast you were going?" To which the electron responded "no, but I know where I am!"

Electromagnetism conference

I used my friend Michael's identity to enter an electromagnetism conference.

I was Michael for a day.

PS: my first oc joke, please be kind.

What did the electron say to bully the photon?

"You don't matter."

Electronic Arts should release physical analog day planners.

DLC for Months.

An electron is breaking the speed limit going along a motorway...

...when he is pulled over by a Proton. Proton: do you know how fast you were going?
Electron: yes, but now I have no clue as to where I am.

Electronic Arts CEO Andrew Wilson has a one night stand.

The woman he was with contacts him soon after to let him know she was pregnant, and wants him to own up to his mistake.

Andrew then replies, "It's not a mistake, it's surprise mechanics."

The electron asked the photon, Have you packed a suitcase?

The photon said, No, I'm travelling light.

Guess history repeats itself!

We have Electro Swing, another Pandemic, and a Crashing Stock Market! Looks like the Twenties are back again!

Electron joke

Why did the electron went up to the 3rd shell?

It was Bohrd

Why did the electron go to therapy?

It couldn't be positive.

I just got electrocuted

It hertz

I wasn't surprised when they told me my electro therapy was free

I was shocked

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