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I told my boss that three companies were after me and I need a raise....

My boss asked what companies?

Gas, water and electricity.

A sweater I bought was picking up static electricity. So, I returned it to the store.

They gave me another one free of charge.

Before invention of electricity

Judge: I sentence you to death by the acoustic chair.

Electricity joke, Before invention of electricity

What did little Johnny's mother do when she caught him zapping the other children with static electricity?

She grounded him.

What did Sean Connery say when he noticed that there wasn't any electricity in the Pennsylvania countryside?

"Shomething'sh Amish..."

why can't coffee conduct electricity?

because it is grounded

If electricity always follows the path of least resistance

Why doesn't lightning only strike in France?

Electricity joke, If electricity always follows the path of least resistance

What did socialists use before candles?


What do you name an electricity generator that makes infinite amounts of power?


Why are wires addicted to electricity?

They can't resist.

What did Russians used to light their houses with before candles?


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How to ask for a raise

Employee: Sir, I really need a salary increment, 4 companies are after me.

Boss: Which 4?

Employee: Electricity, Gas, Cable, Credit Card.

Sarcasm is like electricity

Half of the world still doesn't get it!

What did soviet russians use for lighting before they started using candles?


My friend told me how electricity is measured and I was like


A new source of electricity is found!

Lincoln is is infinitely rolling in his grave right now.

We can use that somehow.

Electricity joke, A new source of electricity is found!

Mike Pence doesn't believe in science

But he wants to use electricity to turn fruits into vegetables

I opened my water and electricity bills at the same time.

I was shocked.

There's been a lot of scammers claiming they're from the electric company calling to get payments from overdue bills…

They're getting pretty crafty- they even turned off my electricity.

A man storms into his manager's office

and demands a raise. "And just so you know," he blusters, "three other companies are after me!"

"Is that so?" the manager says. "Which companies in particular?"

"The electricity company, the telephone company and the gas company."

Facebook says: I know everyone. Google says: I know everything. The "Internet" says: Ya'll are nothing without me.

Electricity says: Not this game again...

When I was a little kid, I was afraid of the dark.

But then I grew up and saw the electricity bill.

I'm now afraid of light.

With great power comes great...

electricity bills

What did the blonde say after the lesson on electricity?


Why is the French military always shocked when they lose a battle?

Because electricity flows in the path of *least resistance*

There aren't many puns about electricity

I'd be shocked if I thought of one!

My electricity bill was running suspiciously high

Had the power company send someone over. He found a wire tapped into my house running to a neighbor's. Watt do you know, a Joule thief lives next to my Ohm.

Before candles, what did North Korean communists use to light their homes with?


How many congressmen does it take to change a lightbulb?

Doesn't really matter, they forgot to pass the electricity bill again.

If hydrolysis is splitting things with water and electrolysis is splitting things with electricity...

... What is analysis?

When we were kids we used to be afraid of darkness

However, when we grew up and saw the electricity bill we became afraid of light.

What did communists use for light before candles?


Q. What did Zimbabweans do before candles?

A. They had electricity.

What did the people of Venezuela use to light their homes before candles?


Why wasn't Bill Murray cast as Thor?

Because nobody likes an electricity bill.

What do you call liquid with electricity going through it?


In college I was so broke I couldn't afford the electricity bill

Those were the darkest days of my life

What did communists use before candles?


Water, Electricity and College students all have one thing in common...

They all follow the path of least resistance

In my college days I was so broke I couldn't afford the electricity bill.

Those were the darkest days of my life.

Once a man, knocked on a door and an old lady opened the door. Without a word the man went in took a lot of cow dung from his bag and threw on the carpet. "You see , I have a wonder vaccum cleaner with me here, if this doesn't work I'll eat every piece of that dung" he said.

"Do you want tomato ketchup with it ? " The lady asked. "Cause you see, we still don't have electricity in this house"

The sweater my wife gave me for Xmas was picking up static electricity, so I went to the store to change it.

They gave me another one, free of charge.

Electricity is a great thing...

Without it , we'd be watching television by candlelight

A cold snap across the United States has seen Texas dealing with temperatures as low as -18

The demand for electricity has led to blackouts across the state, causing some people to go without Fox News for so long, they've stopped blaming the weather on Joe Biden.

What did communists use to light their homes before candles?


Confucius say: Man who hurts another gets charged with battery.

Man who kills another gets charged with electricity.

There was a point in time where I couldn't afford to pay my electricity bills

Those were darkest days of my life.

Why can't you take electricity to social events?

Because it doesn't know how to conduct itself.

I was going to make a joke about electricity

but then I was like watt no that's terrible

As a child, I was afraid of the dark.

Now, when I see the electricity bill, I'm afraid of the light.

How many Zionists does it take to change a lightbulb?

To change a lightbulb is actually very complex and you really need to know the entire history of lightbulbs, and electricity, to even begin to understand. There is also some very complicated electronics involved in getting the grid to power the lightbulb and unless you understand all of this, then you probably shouldn't be asking these questions.

I told my boss that he needs to raise my salary because two companies are after me.

Boss: "What companies are those?"

Me: "The electricity company and the water company."

A farmer and his wife live isolated from other people, but the wife is pregnant and now the farmer has to call the town's doctor

Unfortunately the farm has no electricity so the doctor asks the farmer to light up the room with a lantern so he could see what's he's doing. One after another, 5 children are born. The farmer tries to run away, terrified.

-Come back here, I think there's another baby, but I can't see anything in here! says the doctor.
To which the farmer says:

-No doctor I'm outta here, I think the lantern attracts them!

*Enjoy a poorly translated Romanian joke

How did communists light their homes before candles?

With electricity.

When we were kids, we used to be afraid of the dark.

>!But when we grew up, the electricity bill made us afraid of the light! !<

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