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Funniest Electric Shock Short Jokes

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  1. How many BuzzFeed workers does it take to turn on an electric chair? Thirteen. But number nine will shock you.
  2. How many Buzzfeed writers does it take to turn on an electric chair? Ten. But number four will shock you.
  3. Court decision: "I hereby find you guilty of clickbait, and sentence you to death by electric chair...... ....what happens next will shock you."
  4. Why is the French military always shocked when they lose a battle? Because electricity flows in the path of *least resistance*
  5. How many Buzzfeed employees does it take to operate an electric chair? 10, but 4 will shock you.
  6. You have been charged guilty for clickbait, and will now have to use the electric chair What happens next will shock you
  7. Judge: "You have been found unanimously guilty of using clickbait, and I sentence you to death by electric chair." What happens next will shock you.
  8. One time my uncle challenged me that I cant do a simple electrical wiring. He got shocked after I completed the work.
  9. My girlfriend says I'm hopeless at fixing electrical appliances. Welp she's in for a shock.
  10. My girlfriend doesn't think I can think fix the electric shower. Well, she's in for a shock.

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Electric Shock One Liners

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  1. Just opened my water bill and my electricity bill at the same time… I was shocked
  2. I opened my water and electric bills simultaneously... Needless to say, I was shocked.
  3. Yesterday I opened my electricity bill and water bill at the same time …. I was shocked
  4. I got an electric shock yesterday. I couldn't resist it
  5. Man sticks finger into electrical socket... What happens next will shock you.
  6. Mom never told me I shouldn't touch electric wires Imagine my shock when I got grounded!
  7. I opened my water and electricity bills at the same time. I was shocked.
  8. Today I was learning about electrical safety. I was shocked.
  9. There aren't many puns about electricity I'd be shocked if I thought of one!
  10. A guy shocked himself trying to steal an electric car. He was charged with battery.
  11. What did the electrical engineer say when he got shocked? That hertz.
  12. When I found out it's a bad idea to do your own electrical wiring, I was shocked
  13. Top Ten Worst Electrical Outlets Number six will shock you!
  14. Top 10 electrical curcuits you shouldn't touch Number 6 will shock you!
  15. Five reasons not to use an electric toilet Number two will shock you

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What do you get if you cross a bottle of water with an electric eel?
A bit of a shock really.

Electricity is dangerous. Shocking, ain't it?

How did Ben Franklin feel about discovering electricity? He was shocked!

You won't believe these 12 household electrical hazards.

Numbers 1-12 will shock you!

A conductor kissed a g**... the bus

He was arrested and the police gave him electric shocks but it had no effect.
Because he was a bad conductor.
Sorry guys.

I never knew what an electric eel looked like, so I went to a petting zoo.

I was shocked.

Why do electrical outlets look so surprised?

Because they're shocked! I am so high

The person who discovered electricity...

Must have been quite shocked!

10 Amazing facts about electric eels!

Number 7 will shock you.

I always wondered why Pikachu's electric shock blasts off team rocket but not Ash.

I guess Ash is just better grounded.

Do you know how electricity works?

The truth may shock you.

So an electric pole fell on my head today

I couldn't believe it cause it was so shocking

I wanted to buy an electric car

And the prices were shocking

Top 20 Dangerous Things That We Do With Electricity

number 8 will shock you.

being an old man I only remember one joke from my childhood and here it is. I hope that you enjoy it

why did the baker get an electric shock
he stood on a currant bun
ha ha
anyway this is the only joke I remember from when me and my friends were sprogs back in the day with no internet or anything like that
Rog. H

Is it better to die by an electric chair or by beheading?

The answer will shock you!

How does clickbait work?

Just grab this electrical cable.
Then what happens?

Did you guys hear about the cow that was able to step over the the electric fence?

No one could believe it, it was an udder shock!

I vaulted an electric fence.

My friend asked me, "Why did you do that?". I said ,"enough with your ample comments". He looked back in shock.

Doubting wife!

My wife has absolutely no confidence in my ability to repair electrical items around the house.
Well, she's in for a shock!

Stop making electricity puns!

They are absolutely shocking. That's just not on!

I just found out the contractor that did my electrical work wasn't even licensed.

Needless to say, I was shocked!

If I'm in an electrical engineering class and gaining knowledge about electricity...

Does that make me a shock absorber?

See the top 10 electric fences YOU should use!

Number 7 will SHOCK you!

Bought my son a second hand electric shock machine.

He wasn't surprised.

We looked into the cause of death of 50 electric chair victims...

What we found was shocking!

I installed this new clickbait electrical system

What happened next was shocking

How did ghe baker get an electric shock?

He stood on a bun and a current ran up his leg.

What's the most shocking city you've been to?

For me, it's electricity.

Scientists use both positive and negative conditioning to teach cats to speak.

In a group of cats, a tutor would reward an individual cat who said "me" with the best food at feeding time. In another experiment, a researcher would apply mild electric shocks to the subject cat until it said "ow".
The lead scientist said they've had some success, however they weren't sure if the cats were using those words in the right context.

Buzzfeed: "Top 20 reasons why you SHOULDN'T have ELECTRICAL OUTLETS"

"Number 11 will shock you!"

My friend was a violent serial killer...

Ended up getting caught some time back and sentenced to death by electric chair.
Fast-forward to day of execution.
Guard straps him in.
Guard: "Any last requests?"
Friend: "Remind me of buzzfeed clickbait articles 1 last time"
Guard: "The electric current is going to be started now, what happens next will shock you"

I wanted to come up with a joke about electricity

I was shocked to find I couldn't find one

I was replacing a light fixture outside our front door when suddenly the electricity shorted through my screwdriver and made me drop it. My wife opened the door and said, "I turned on the light so you can see better while you're working."

I was too shocked to reply.

A m**... is to be executed by electric chair and the priests asks if he has any last request.

The man asks for the priest to hold his hand. Needless to say, the priest was shocked.

The electric company did a great job after the storm and it reminded me of this sub.

Shockingly quick to repost.

A new men's cologne is in development which smells of electric eels shocking a Silicon Valley giant...

Its called Eel-on Musk.

What did Benjamin Franklin say when he discovered electricity?

Nothing. He was too shocked.

Getting shocked by electricity doesn't just hurt

It gigahertz

What do you call an asian guy who is talking on an active electric shock giving chair?

current lee speaking

Before I met my girlfriend I was out of control. I was wild and always getting shocked by static electricity. But not anymore...

She really keeps me grounded.

I've been on death row for a while now, and today's the day I found out it'll be via electric chair.

I was shocked.

Electric shock treatment for my b**... addiction?

Yes, Please!

I caught my son biting the electrical cord

I was shocked and grounded him. He resisted but I told him to stay positive. It's been a week, he's currently doing better and conducting himself properly.

A man wakes up the mental ward

Relax, sir, you've just had ECT.
What's that?
Electrical shock therapy. After a shock to the brain, you have temporary partial memory loss. Patients often forget about the things that cause them stress and tension, allowing to them to relax and get better.
Now that you're awake, I'll call your wife in...
My what?

The executioner asks for any last words:

A man is sat in the electric chair, and the executioner asks for any last words.
The man sitting in the chair responds: "I won't be shocked if this dosen't work"

The other day I told my boss…

That I needed a raise if he wanted me to stay in my current job, I told him that 3 companies were after me. Shocked he asked me which ones?
I then replied gas, electric, and cable.

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