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Election Day Drinking Game:

Every time Donald Trump is elected President, we all drink and just never stop.

Despite all the flak the public gives him, Trump has already solved the immigration problem in just a few days after becoming President-elect

Just ask yourself, who would want to sneak into America now?

A little girl asked her Dad one day, Dad, do all fairy tales begin with 'Once upon a time?'

Her Dad replied, No honey, some of them begin with 'If I'm elected.'

This Election Day will be like a dinner date with Bill Cosby.

When you wake up, you just know something bad happened.

Election Day was the perfect day to go see Doctor Strange...

I got to experience a scary bizarro world were sanity was cast aside and the laws of nature were twisted to the breaking point, and I also went to a movie.

The first Jewish President of the United States is elected.

The night before the inauguration he calls his mother.

"Mom, I'd love for you to come visit and stay with me during the inauguration and for a few days."

"Oh I don't know, airfare is so expensive these days."

"Mom, I'll fly you out on Air Force One!"

"Oh, but you know, cab fare is ridiculous."

"Mom, the Presidential motorcade will drive you here."

"But accommodations, especially during the inau---"

"MOM!! I'll put you in the Lincoln bedroom itself!!"

She reluctantly agrees, hangs up and starts talking to her friend.

"Who was that?"

"My son."

*gasp* "The doctor??"

"No, the other one."

It's 294 days after the US Election...

...Biden has progressed to 269.99 electoral votes, and Nevada has discovered 26 million uncounted postal votes that were discovered on 'Storage Wars'. More updates coming soon.

Only a few weeks left before Election Day in the US and I am still undecided...

...if I should move to Canada or New Zealand.

Putin recently won the Russian election with a 76.6% majority...

Oddly enough 23.4% of Russian citizens were found poisoned a few days afterwards

In a historic day for Canada, Ontario held a Provincial Election on the same day the Senate passed the Cannabis Legalization Act.

Turnout was high.

Did you hear Mexico agreed to help Donald Trump build his wall?

They've gotta keep all those Americans out once Donald gets elected.

Sorry, super liberal grandpa told me this one on Father's day. Couldn't help but share.

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Donald Trump says the only reason he lost the popular vote is because 3 million undocumented immigrants voted in the election

He knows this because thats how many of his employees asked him for the day off.

How did i know for sure global warming was real?

On the day Trump got elected over 50 million snowflakes melted at once.

NJ Gov Elect Phil Murphy says he's going to legalize marijuana in his first 100 days. What's going to be higher than NJ residents?

Their taxes.

We have essentially Elected 4chan for the 45th president of the United States.

This is a day that will go down in Infameme.

Why Donald Trump might win the election but resign on the first day?

He finds out he has to move in to a small house in a black neighborhood​​!


It's post election fever in the UK.
And the British ladies are more confused than ever!
They are Conservative in the day, Liberal at night and nine months later in LabourπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Why was 9/11 the worst day in American history?

Because on the 9th November Donald Trump was elected president

A day before the elections Hillary tells Bill: "You know, tomorrow there will be two presidents in one bed."

Next day Bill asks Hillary: "So.. do I wait Trump here or should I go over to his place?"

Can't you just feel the excitement in the air?!!?

Only one more day left until the start of the 2020 Presidential Election Season!!

First Aboriginal Prime Minister of Australia - Aboriginal stand-up comedy

Bulupin Kwobinyarn delivers his acceptance yarn on the day of his election as Australia's first Indigenous Prime Minister.

Gary Johnson woke up the day after the election...

Gary Johnson: "What happened? Am I president?"

Doctor: Sir, we found you passed out naked in the desert.

Gary Johnson: Far out man.

Why is the American Presidential Election always on a Tuesday?

Because Tuesday is choose-day.

On the fifth day to election, the public gave to me...

Five Gallup polls
Four awful choices
Three Trump Steaks
Two more WikiLeaks
And a cache of Clinton emails!

Election Day 2016 was like sticking the dealer in Euchre.

You hated your choices but somehow had to choose trump.

On Election Day, here's a little tip that I learned in high school civics class:

Vote for option C every time, and you'll get at least 75% correct.

Tonight we dine on the flesh of the enemy.

Or they shall be dining on ours.


Q: Why weren't the Republicans behind the verdict in the Saddam Hussein Trial a couple of days before the 2006 Midterm Elections?

A: Because they were so busy fixing the price on oil!

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