Ejaculation Jokes

I suck telling jokes..

Because I start laughing even before I reach the punchline. The doctor says I have a premature hehejaculation.

By then end of my lifetime, I will have cause tens of thousands of ejaculations.


I've been training for months to achieve the world record title of 'Furthest Ejaculation'.

I can't believe how far I've come.

Did ypu know premature ejaculations are hereditary?

It comes in your jeans.

I didn't know what to wear to my pre-ejaculation society meeting

So I came in my pants.

I remember the days when I had really weak ejaculations

I've come so far since then

To get easy comment karma, you have to do it like your ejaculations

Just do it early.

I went to my first Premature Ejaculations Club today but they sent me back.

It turns out I came a bit early

I invited my premature-ejaculation support group over to my house for dinner...

...but they came a lot earier than expected, typical!

A guy who suffered from premature ejaculations meet a woman and says

"There is no punch line."

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