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A blonde walking down the street sees a young boy smoking."You shouldn't be smoking.What grade are you in ?"asks the blonde.

The child says:"I'm in third grade,weren't you smoking when you were in third grade?" The blonde answers:" Yes, I was, but I was eighteen years old!"

Einstein, Tesla, Newton, and Pascal are all playing Hide 'N Seek

It is Einstein's turn to be it. So he covers his eyes and slowly counts to 20.

Tesla climbs up a tree, Pascal jumps behind a bush, and Newton stands right where he is and draws a 1m x 1m square around him.

"...eighteen, nineteen, twenty! Ready or not, here I come!" exclaims Einstein. Of course, Newton is the first person he sees so he tags him. "Gotcha, Newton!"

To which Newton responds, "Nope. Pascal!"

Two men were playing golf..

when the man about to tee off noticed a funeral procession moving down the road next to the golf course. He stopped, put his club away, took off his hat and waited respectfully for them the pass. "My friend that was a very decent and respectful gesture" his friend commented. "The least I could do, I was married to her for eighteen years after all"

Eighteen joke, Two men were playing golf..

I have now been sober for eighteen months.

Not in a row...

I have the body of an eighteen year old

I keep it in the fridge

Time off work

I rung up work this morning..

"My wife died last night." I explained. "I'm going to need some time off."

"Oh my goodness, that's awful." Replied the secretary. "We understand though, take as much time off as you need."

"Thank you." I said. "It'll be about eighteen years, if I behave myself."

Two boys were peeing up a wall, the first boy looks at the second and says "Why does your thing look different than mine?"

The second boy says " I've been circumsized "
And the first boy asked "What's that?"
the second boy replies " Well on the day I was born they cut the skin off"
The first boy says " Oh my god! Did it hurt"
And the second boy replies " DID IT HURT!! I couldn't walk for eighteen months!!"

Eighteen joke, Two boys were peeing up a wall, the first boy looks at the second and says "Why does your thing look

What's green and has eighteen holes?

An infected apple.

I like my girls the way I like my Whiskey.

Eighteen years old, moist and preferably in a basement.

I like my women like I like my scotch.

Eighteen years old and mixed up with coke.

Why is it called Virgin Airlines?

Because their planes are eighteen years old and never been serviced.

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An eighteen year old boy finally decides to throw out his toys

I like my bourbon the way I like my women...

Eighteen years old and full of coke.

Why did eighteen blonde women go to the movie theater?

It said under 17 not permitted.

What has eighteen legs and three vaginas?

The Supreme Court.

I told my daughter to be sensible before her eighteenth birthday party.

She said, "You are only eighteen once!"

I said, "'re eighteen 365 times, unless it's a leap year."

Eighteen joke, I told my daughter to be sensible before her eighteenth birthday party.

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