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What is a huge henhouse called?

an Eggplant.

Have you ever heard of the ckicken plant?

I guess the eggplant came first!

I work at a grocery store and a guy in the produce department told me this. He thought it was hilarious

What do you get if you rub an eggplant?

A little aubergenie

Eggplant joke, What do you get if you rub an eggplant?

Joke from orange is the new black

So a penguin and a farmer walk into a bar. The penguin starts eating the tiny fancy drink umbrellas. The Bartender says to the Farmer, "Hey, your eggplant's gotta pay for those." And so the Penguin says "Dude, he's not an eggplant, he's retarded."

What do an eggplant and a chicken have in common?

They're both purple... except for the chicken.

homophobic strawberry

A strawberry walks up to his friend the eggplant and asks him what he thinks of the tomato. The eggplant answers "I don't know, he seems like an alright guy. Why? What do you think of him?" The strawberry answers "I don't know, man. He seems like kind of a fruit".

What is another name for an Eggplant?

A chicken. It plants eggs

Eggplant joke, What is another name for an Eggplant?

Durex's "Eggplant Flavoured" condom won't be the first time a woman's being pleasured by a vegetable.

Just ask Mrs. Stephen Hawking.

What kind of factory is a chicken coop?

An eggplant!

Why did the chicken bury its egg underground?

He wanted to grow an eggplant
Joke from my dad.

Translated a joke from Japanese

Japanese has a lot of pun-filled jokes that I don't think would translate well into English without explanation, but here is one of my favorite Japanese jokes that I think could translate well...

Question: A truck is carrying eggplant, tomatoes, and pumpkins. It hits a sharp turn. What fell?

Answer: Its speed.

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What's the difference between a chick pea and an eggplant?

Trump didn't have an eggplant on a bed in a Moscow hotel room.

A guy with a carrot in his nose, an eggplant in one ear and a cucumber in the other, goes to his doctor...

"Doc, what's wrong with me?"

"Well, it appears as if you have an eating disorder."

Driving through the Country

My boyfriend saw a farm as we drove by and read the name out loud- "There's Falak Farm."

I replied- "Yeah, they must grow cucumbers and eggplant there."

Blue Collar Work

Where does the blue collar chicken work?

The Eggplant.

What do you get when you put an egg in the ground?

An eggplant.

Eggplant joke, What do you get when you put an egg in the ground?

Why weren't the eggplants allowed into the mushroom party?

Because there wasn't much room and they aren't fun guys.

Eggplants are part of the cucumber family alongside tomatoes and zuccinis making them fruits...

And not eggs

What plant can become an animal?

An eggplant.

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