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Why did the bacon laugh?

Because the egg cracked a yolk.

I hate when someone explains egg puns to me.

It ruins the yolk.

Wanna hear a joke about eggs?

Nah, you'll crack up because my yolks, are egg-celent
Note:I've told this jokeat least 12 dozen times

Have you heard the joke about what's in the egg

Sorry, you wouldn't find it funny it's more of an inside yolk.

*true story. I dropped an egg on my feet while cooking breakfast

I guess the yolk's on me...

What sound does a drinking egg make?

Yolk yolk yolk yolk

What is it called when you crack an egg and two yolks come out?

An anomalette

What kind of music do eggs listen to?

Yolk music.

This is no yolk

A man walks into a bar with a fried egg on his head.

The bartender asks, "Why have you got a fried egg on your head?"

The man replies, "Because boiled eggs fall off

What do you get when you drop an egg off the Empire State Building?

New Yolk

You know what they say about egg whites?

They can't take a yolk.

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Years ago I made friends with an egg yolk that was extremely shy.

But over time I helped it come out of it's shell.

I only eat the center of the egg.

Just yolking.

I once found an egg with two chickens in it

That was my best yolk.

Why are eggs so good at humor?

Because they have running yolks.

Redditors are like eggs

They come in many different colours and sizes, but deep down they all have the same yolks.

what city is made for eggs

new yolk city
(ok im going)

A German went to the store to pick up some eggs. But all the eggs at the store were rotten.

I guess you could say it was a bad yolk.

Why cant an egg tell a joke?

Because they dont like to yolk around

What kind of songs do eggs sing?


A Mexican comedian walks into a chicken farm

and starts breaking all the eggs.

The chicken farmer gets really mad and yells at him, "What are you doing?"

The comedian goes, "Well ese, I am in a bit of a rut and I am just looking for some good yolks"

Where can you get the fresh egg?

In New Yolk

What can you expect from a bad egg comedian?

He's constantly scrambling to fry and crack you up with some "egg-celent" yolk, but boil boy are they bad.

Deviled eggs?

Is that some kind of cruel yolk?

A man comes home from his morning run to find his roommate holding a dripping newspaper over the sink...

"What happened?"

"I was going to make an omelette for breakfast, but I dropped the eggs on my newspaper! The front page is soaked, but I'm trying to clean the sports section, it got the worst of it.'

"No, it didn't," says the man ominously.

"What? How do you know?"

"The real yolk is always in the comics."

Did you know you can crack open a meteor like an egg?

Of course you can, the real yolk is always in the comets.

I pranked my roommate by taking his carton of eggs and rearranged them so he couldn't tell which egg was which.

He did not like my yolk.

Why does the egg taste funny?

Cause he can tell good yolks.

How do you make an egg laugh?

Tell it a yolk.

I was doing the dishes and i realized..

If we could cover our Military vehicles in dried egg yolk we would be unstoppable.

What's the funniest part of an egg?

The yolk!

Can I tell you an egg joke? Its gonna crack you up!

Sorry I got so eggcited I forgot what the yolk was.

Not many people know that you're supposed to scramble brown eggs differently than you do white ones

It's different strokes for different yolks

Can I tell you something about egg yolks?

They're made way too **oeuf**en

Just watched a male chicken lay an egg...

I hate dad yolks...

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