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A minister and a lawyer at the pearly gates.

A minister and a lawyer arrived at the pearly gates. Saint Peter greeted both of them and gave them their room assignments.

"Pastor, here are the keys to one of our nicest efficiency units. And for you, sir, (to the lawyer) the keys to our finest penthouse suit."

"This is unfair!" cried the minister.

"Listen," Saint Peter said, "ministers are a dime a dozen up here, but this is the first lawyer we've seen."


I just had a piece of metal fitted to the back of my car to reduce drag and increase fuel efficiency.

A company hire an efficiency expert as a consultant.

To everyone's surprise, the presentation was very interesting. For once many felt like this was a valuable use of time! as the presenter finished up, he said, "I hope you have found use in my presentation today, but I would warn you, be careful about using these techniques at home. The other night I was watching as my wife did the dinner dishes, and noticed some inefficiency in her technique. Wanting to be helpful, I advised her of several small improvements that could add up to maximum efficiency."
One of the attendees raised their hand,"Did it work? Did the dishwashing become more efficient?"
"Oh yes," the consultant replied,"before my advice, my wife took 18 minutes to finish the dishes, now I do it in 12."

Efficiency joke, A company hire an efficiency expert as a consultant.

Tracking efficiency in dogs rises 300% when fed diets of salmon.

Give it a fish an' see

How did the nazis measure the efficiency of their gas chambers?

In KillaJews per second

What's the difference between Finding Nemo and Shrek?

Finding Nemo is about Efficiency.

My motto is Efficiency. Efficiency. Efficiency.

Oop. I guess I only need to say it once.

Efficiency joke, My motto is  Efficiency. Efficiency. Efficiency.

My philosophy to everything I do are governed by the three E's

Excellence, Efficiency, and Intelligence

Knock knock. 9. Nein your business.

German knock knock jokes are non interactive for efficiency.... and they're not very funny.

My restaurant got a new German chef yesterday

He's already increased the efficiency of our ovens and thrown away all the bad juice

I'm not lazy

I chose to use my creative genius on mastering efficiency

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Why did the automotive engineer scream at his Toyota during his fuel efficiency experiments?

He was a car berater!

What's the opposite of a fish out of water?


I'm a fan of efficiency. I wish I could put a small pile of cash in the back of my fridge that would smell like rotting chicken...

... so my I could cut out the middleman at the grocery store.


Germanic efficiency brought to the game of Russian roulette.

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