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My grandpa's favorite joke

This works better in my native language, but I am going to do my best to try to translate it effectively.

At the end of a good day's work, an accountant goes home and announces proudly to his wife "Honey, I missed the bus today but I saved $2 by chasing after it all the way home! "

His wife fixes him with a look of pure contempt and says "You fool!! You could have saved $75 if you'd only chased after a cab."


This just in: A white flag factory has burned to the ground in Paris...

... Effectively crippling the French military.


My childhood was effectively over at 11.

That's when the bars closed and my uncle came home.


How does a carpenter effectively build stairs?

He thinks one step ahead


A Russian sociologist heard that Americans always answer questions with questions

"Impossible" he says. "How can a society function that way? How can they communicate effectively? Impossible, I don't believe it"

After giving it much taught, he takes a plane to the USA hoping to see things for himself.

Immediately after landing, he sees a man reading a paper and he asks;

"Excuse me, is it true that the American people always answer questions with questions?"

The man laughs hysterically and replies;

"Just who da hell told you that?"


Bananas can stop diarhea very effectively

Just don't pull them out


I told my friend he had to learn to argue his points more effectively.

He said, "On a scale of one to ten, fuck off."


Why can't orphans use any web browsers effectively?

Because they can't access any of the homepages.


A new book for stoners aspiring to greatness

7 Habits of Effectively High People


Strength - The best way to gain Body effectively and permanently


Failed another job interview today...

Apparently taking part in an orgy isnt proof I can work effectively as part of a team


Vaccines are the opposite of religion

One is effectively safe when you use it, the other is religion.


It's a huge flex to spend a lot on something effectively useless, dirty, loud, and ugly.

It's a thing of beauty to see you have such a strong mutual relationship with your mother.


So many people went to get Stephen Hawking's thesis that it brought the servers down.

So, effectively, the servers turned into a black hole from which no information could escape.


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