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Why was the EDM producer bad at fishing?

Because he kept dropping the bass


What kind of music does an inspired Latin fish listen to?

Carp E.D.M.

Credit to my friend for this one.


What do you call a spontaneous fish that loves new-age techno?

Carp EDM


What do you get when there is an inconsiderate weather phenomena at an EDM concert in Dubai?

Darude Sandstorm.


Why does Al Gore listen to EDM?

Because it's made with an Al-Gore-rhythm.


Who's Hillary Clinton's least favorite EDM artist?



I like EDM, but I prefer listening to trans...

...Bailey Jay is my favorite artist


What do you call an EDM party full of serial killers at the bottom of the ocean?



What would you call an EDM producer on a flagpole?

Datsik but not dat well.


What's the key to creating EDM?

Not using one.


What do you call an Italian who likes dancing to EDM?

A raveioli.


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