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John was unable to choose between two girls...

So he asked his friend Gary for help deciding which girl to be with.

John: I'm devoted to Kate but Edith is my dream girl, she's all I've ever wanted.

Gary: Then you should be with Edith.

John: But I love Kate and could never leave her...

Gary: Then you should stay with Kate.

John: But I also want to be with Edith, I can't miss this opportunity!

Gary: You can't have your Kate and Edith too.

My girlfriend just broke up with me for sleeping with her Grandmother

Turns out I can't have my Kate and Edith too.

In honor of 3/14... TIL the man who discovered Pi had his wife, Edith, leave him over his obsession with math.

Which just goes to show you, you can't have your Pi and Edith too.

I thought I was pretty lucky… I used to date two girls Kate & Edith at the same time.

Unfortunately, it didn't work out. It turns out you can't have your Kate and Edith, too.

Looking Good

Even at age 88, my mother was vain about her looks.

At a party, an old friend exclaimed, "Edith, you haven't changed in 20 years."

"Oh," said Mom, horrified. "I hope I didn't look like this 20 years ago."

Why did the man convert to Mormonism?

Because he wanted to have his Kate, and Edith, too!

I once dated two girls called Kate and Edith. Unfortunately Kate found out and told Edith and they both broke up with me!

Moral of the story is you can't have your Kate and Edith too

Edith joke, I once dated two girls called Kate and Edith. Unfortunately Kate found out and told Edith and they b

I used to have two girlfriends, but then I learned

I can't have Kate and Edith too

I once loved two girls at a time, Kate and Edith

both were mine. I learned what they say is true....... You can't have Kate and Edith too

Too fat for the girl next door

At least according to her Korean father.

I guess I can't have my cake and Edith Tu.

I have known my girlfriend, Edith, for three years now and today I finally bought her a gold ring for our anniversary.

Edith: wow thank you, that is my first gold!

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Did you hear about the happy bigamist?

He had his Kate and Edith too.

I've slept with over 50 women

Daphne and Edith were their names. Although to be fair, Daphne only turned 50 last week.

Adultery is a sin...

You can't have your Kate and Edith too.

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