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Top 10 Funniest Edibles Jokes and Puns

Why do gamblers feed their cows edibles?

Because they like it when the steaks are high

I just made a bran cereal with edibles in it

High 'n Fibre

Fine, I'll get of my high horse!

But you really should STOP giving the horses edibles, you know?

Told my doctor I ate nothing but candy edibles for a month

Turns out I have highiabetes

Do you know the four stages of edibles?

I don't feel anything,
I don't feel anything,
I don't feel anything,
Take me to the hospital.

What do Chinese people call their marijuana edibles?

Pot stickers

If Clinton gets elected, federal employees will be LEGALLY allowed to consume cannabis!

If you smoke, you have to say "I did not inhale"

and if you do edibles, you have to say "I did not swallow"

TIFU by leaving out my edibles for my sister's three cockatiels to eat and two of them died

TL;DR: Killed two birds with one stoned.

Recently, there was a cross contamination with a life cereal factory that's next to an edibles factory

Now I get why people are saying they're high on life.

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