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Top 10 Funniest Edgy Jokes and Puns

New clothing store seen at local Mall named 'Off Topic'.

Apparently it's aimed at edgy teens with ADHD.

Why did the square breakup with the circle?

She wasn't edgy enough!


they're so edgy.

I hate it when kids spell "angel" as "angle"

They're just trying to be edgy.

jokes about edgy

Michael Bay has just recently announced the title of his next gritty reboot of a kids TV show:

Ed, Edd, and Edgy

My girlfriend says she's going to a club called "The Cube" tonight...

Sounds pretty edgy to me.

In Soviet Russia, the government own businesses. In Capitalist America, businesses own the government.

*Insert edgy quotes

Edgy joke, In Soviet Russia, the government own businesses. In Capitalist America, businesses own the governmen

I don't like dodecahedrons

They are too edgy for me.

Why are people into Flat Earth Theory?

Because it's edgy.

Want to hear a quality joke about knives?

On second thought, I can't tell it. It's too edgy

My favourite shape is an iscosehedron

Yeah, I'm that edgy

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How do edgy people find jobs?

LinkedIn Park

What's a teenagers favorite web browser?

Microsoft edgy.

Edgy jokes are like my life

Sad and depressing but people still manage to laugh at it.

What did the Polygon say to the Circle when the Circle wanted to be more edgy?


Where do edgy teens come from?


Edgy joke, Where do edgy teens come from?

Do you know why I hate hexagons more than squares?

Because hexagons are more edgy

I don't really appreciate jokes about Microsoft's new browser.

They're too Edgy for me.

I matched with this guy on Tinder. He said he wasn't like your average single Pringle – he was like a Dorito, edgy and spicy.

I hooked up with him. He definitely wasn't plain round.

I'm so edgy that...

Ron Popeil is selling me for 3 easy payments of $19.99

"Unlike most of you, I believe earth is flat"

"Wow, so edgy."

The main reason everybody hates flat Earthers because they're so edgy.

I'm like Microsoft Edge

Nobody likes me, but I'm edgy

What's edgy and sorry about it?

An emo Canadian

You know collecting knives makes me cool because

they are so edgy.

Why did the edgy teenager lock himself in the freezer ?

He taught it was cool.

Edgy joke, Why did the edgy teenager lock himself in the freezer ?

What do you call a very catchy song that edgy, German millenial teenagers like to listen to?

A Blitzkreig bop.

What do you call an edgy geologist?

A masoschist.

What does an emo bully give you?

Edgy wedgies.

What says an edgy japanese teen when Hitler is shot?

Adolf got Hit lel.

Whats do a ruler and thirteen year old memer have in common?

They are both straight and edgy

There is a new fast and furious with a cast of edgy 17 year old girls

2 Fast Bi-Curious

Anti vaxxers are edgy

They are fighting the reason the are alive.

I don't really like flat Earthers

They're too edgy.

Someone probably came up with it before me, but I thought it was worth a shot

Why are some black comedians so edgy.

Dark humor

My friend told me a joke about knives.

I said it was too edgy.

Great grandma calling her shot

My great grandmother was notorious for kind of edgy but hilarious jokes.. she also lived to 103 and 50 weeks.

At her funeral her daughter told my brother and I about the last time she saw her. She said she was getting everything together to leave and had told her mother goodbye and that she'd be back in a few weeks to see her for her birthday. My great grandmother, said with a grin and a big laugh well, you better bring a shovel!

I was gonna tell you an edgy joke...

But I don't think it'll make the cut

Every shape is basically a circle

It's just that they are all edgy.

Why Don't We Have a Reality Show Where Flat Earthers Walk to the End of the Earth?

Because that would be edgy

A guy told his friend "do you want to hear an edgy joke"?

His friend started laughing immediately.

"Hold on," said the guy, "I haven't told it yet. You don't even know if it's going to be funny. It might be offensive."

"I'm sure it's going to be funny" his friend said, still laughing. "I've always had a sixth sense of humor."

Why do knives not make great friends?

Because they're really edgy!

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