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Why do balloons hate Ed Sheeran concerts?

They are afraid of pop music.

There were plans to change the design of the 21st letter of the alphabet but Ed Sheeran stopped them

He's in love with the shape of u

Yo mamma so fat

Ed Sheeran had a stroke trying to sing the shape of her

Why doesn't Ed have a girlfriend?


What is the one genre of music that Ed Sheeran can never play?


Why was Ed single?

Because Sheeran away.

So Nicole Scherzinger has gone from Lewis Hamilton to Ed Sheeran... Guess orange really is the new black.

What genre can't Ed Sheeran sing ?


Yo Mama So Fat

Ed Sheeran had a seizure trying to describe the shape of her

Why is Ed Sheeran's favourite math unit parabolas?

Because he's in love with the shape of U.

Do you know what happened the first time Ed Sheeran started flirting with a girl before he was famous?

She ran.

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When your canals don't work like they used to before, And I can't sweep past by your fleet, Will your cargo still remember the haste that I drove? Will your passage be blocked up for weeks?

'Cause, honey, your hull will always go slow, it's evergreen.

\~Capt. Ed Sheeran

What's red and caused horror among Game of Thrones fans?

Ed Sheeran.

Why do sheep hate Ed Sheeran?

Because they always leave his show naked.

Why doesn't Ed Sheeran have a girlfriend?

Because Sheeran away.

(Saw this somewhere, and am gingerly sharing this punny piece)

Do you know why Ed doesn't have a girlfriend?

Because Sheeran away.

What did Ed Sheeran say when he finished Despicable Me for the 3rd time?

I'm in love with the shape of Gru

People think that Ed Sheeran cameo in Game of Thrones was bad...

But I thought Amy Winehouse getting hit in the face with a rock in last nights episode was just in bad taste.

What did the girl do when she saw Ed?


What do you call a dead Ed Sheeran?

Lt. Ed Sheeran.

What's Ed Sheeran's favorite Lucky Charms? The Rainbow and Horseshoe.

He's in love with the shape of U.

Ed has no girlfriend because

Sheeran away.

(I don't know if this has already been posted here before sorry if it is)

Where is Ed Sheeran's wife?

Shee ran.

I listened to the new Ed Sheeran album.

I can't wait for Exponentiate.

Ed Sheeran opened up a barber shop...

...and named it 'Head Sheerin'

What was the English singers Sheep Farm called?

Eds Sheeran

She fell in love with his music...

But when she saw Ed... Sheeran!

Ed Sheeran is so popular at the minute..

He released a fart and it went straight to number 2.

It's almost top of the Sharts.

Ed Sheeran walked into a bar...

because a club isn't the best place to find a lover

Ed Sheeran broke both of his arms in a bicycle accident....

Hope his mom is around to help.

Shape of You

I put "Shape of You" by Ed Sheeran as my 6:30 alarm. Now I wake up at 5:00 so that I don't have to hear it.

My girlfriend asked me "How awesome is Ed Sheeran?"

I said "He's OK - but I think he is better at milking cows."

Ed Sheeran does not sound like a ginger

He has too much soul.

So Nicole Scherzinger has went from Lewis Hamilton to Ed Sheeran...

Well, you know what they say...
Orange is the new black.

A woman saw her ginger ex boyfriend Ed,

Sheeran away.

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