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Could a few laughs be all you need to counter the fiscal woes? This article explores the lighter side of the economy, from bad jokes to humorous takes on Greek and circular economies, bottom-up and political economies, command economies and more. Find out if humor can indeed lighten the economic burden.

Funniest Economy Short Jokes

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  1. Why does Ireland have the fastest growing economy in the world? Because its capital is Dublin all the time!
  2. Donald Trump's presidency is already positively affecting the economy. Alcohol sales have never been higher.
  3. Did you know that 69 is now 96? With this worsening economy, it costs a lot more to eat out.
  4. Personally I think removal of net neutrality will be great. It will offer our businesses new opportunities for development which will help the economy in the long run
  5. Yo mama so ugly Yo momma so ugly the whole world faked a virus and ruined the economy just to make her wear a mask
  6. If I had a dollar for every time older people complained about millennials... ...I could fix the economy they broke.
  7. you really have to admire brits who voted to leave They were so worried about immigrants ruining their economy than they preempted it by doing it themselves.
  8. If I had a dollar every time a baby boomer insulted me... I could afford a house in the economy they ruined
  9. When the economy is good, people drink. When the economy is bad, people drink. The moral? Invest in alcohol
  10. What does the UK economy and dead pigs have in common? The Tories love using both for their pump and dump schemes

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Economy One Liners

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  1. What's a horse's primary concern when voting? A stable economy.
  2. What's a horse's number one priority when voting? The stable economy!
  3. Europe must have a detergent based economy.. ..because it's tough on Greece.
  4. We should move to a herb based fuel economy We can finally make the trains run on thyme.
  5. The economy is so bad ExxonMobil just laid off 25 Congressmen.
  6. What's a horse's top priority when voting? A stable economy.
  7. Ok I got one, What is a horses top priority when voting?
    A stable economy
  8. In today's economy what do Arts graduates bring to the table? Your lunch.
  9. Why do greeks fly buisness? Because they dont have an economy
  10. What do my ex wife and the economy have in common? Inflation over time
  11. Cat ownership is like the economy 50% of cats are owned by the top 1% of cat lovers
  12. Wood fired pizza in this economy? How's pizza gonna get a job now?
  13. The American economy is like a tree. All the growth goes to the top.
  14. Hey, anyone want to move to pompeii? I hear the economy is pretty solid over there.
  15. The Greek Economy Forever A Loan!

Bad Economy Jokes

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  • The economy is doing really bad... Its so bad that when Bill and Hillary Clinton travel, they have to share a room.
  • Favorite Leno Joke The economy is so bad, Mc Hammer said, "For five dollars U Can Touch This."
  • The economy is so bad The economy is so bad, if the bank returns your check marked "insufficient funds" you call & ask if they meant you or them.....
  • You know the economy is bad... When you pull into the McDonald's drive thru and the person at the speaker asks...
    Can you afford fries with that?
  • How bad is the economy? Twenty years ago we had Johnny Cash, Bob Hope and Steve Jobs. Today we have no cash, no hope and no jobs.
  • As a kid growing up in the Vietnam I could always tell how well the economy was by what type of dog food my parents bought. Chihuahua when it was bad, Black lab when it was good.
  • The Greek Economy is so bad... ...they've had to cut production of humus and taramasalata. It's a double-dip recession.
  • Trump isn't bad for the economy. Because of him, Correct the Record increased it's operational budget by 600%.
  • The economy is so bad I went to buy a toaster and they gave me a bank.
  • Japan's economy crashed in the 90s because their housing bubble was so bad, the Imperial Palace was worth all the land in California. I *wish* houses out here could still be that cheap!

Greek Economy Jokes

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  • Why are a bunch of horses being sold better than the Greeks? At least they have a stable economy.
  • What is the most commonly known Greek myth? Their Economy.
  • What are the Greeks forced to eat in their hyper-inflated economy? Euros!
  • When the Greek economy crashes... Will everyone cry "OPA!" ??
  • Greek Mythology: good, but not real. Greek Economy: real, but not good. Greek Yogurt: Real. Good.
  • Do you know why the Greek economy is failing ? Because they base their economy off of yogurt
Economy joke, Do you know why the Greek economy is failing ?

Economy joke, Do you know why the Greek economy is failing ?

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If I had a dollar for every time someone over 40 told me my generation s**......

Then I could afford a house in the economy they ruined.

The s**... position formerly known as 69 is now called 96.

Due to the economy, the cost of eating out has gone up.


I was so depressed last night thinking about the economy, wars, jobs, my savings, Social Security, retirement funds, etc., I felt like I needed to end it all, so I called the s**... Hotline. I got a call center in Pakistan, and when I told them I was suicidal, they got all excited, and asked if I could drive a truck.

I heard this one at school today

Jack and Amy both work for the same company. Their work is going fine until the economy falls and the company starts downsizing. The boss was given the option to fire one of them. He calls Amy into his office to break her the news. He says: "I'll either have to lay you or j**...".


How to rescue the economy:
Dear President Obama,
Patriotic retirement:
There are about 40 million people over 50 in the work force;
pay them $1 million a piece severance with stipulations:
1) They leave their jobs. Forty million job openings - Unemployment fixed.
2) They buy NEW American cars. Forty million cars ordered - Auto Industry fixed.
3) They either buy a house or pay off their mortgage- Housing Crisis fixed.
All this and it's still cheaper than the "bailout".

Sam walks into his boss's office.

Sir, I'll be straight with you, I know the economy isn't great, but I have over three companies after me, and I would like to respectfully ask for a raise.
After a few minutes of haggling the boss finally agrees to a 5 per cent raise, and Sam happily gets up to leave.
By the way , asks the boss as Sam is getting up, which three companies are after you?
The electric company, water company, and phone company , Sam replied.

An old joke no one I know likes

Two economists are sitting on a bench. One says to the other "do you understand the economy?"
The other economist says "Let me explain, I'm an economist. It starts--"
The other interrupts "Oh no, I understand. I'm an economist too. We can both explain the economy, do you *understand* it?"

There was a question about Greece's economy in a German maths exam. What was it worth?

Two marks.

If I got a dollar everytime someone over 40 told me my generation s**......

I'd have enough money to buy a house in the economy they ruined.

If you elected me president, I would implement a m**... tax...

Talk about saving the economy single-handedly.

A f**... Director isn't the best position in this economy...

It's a dying trade

The economy is so bad...

even the rope splicer can't make ends meet.

A blonde boards a plane to Miami...

A blonde boards a plane to Miami and takes a seat in first class even though she has an economy ticket. A flight attendant tells her several times to move to economy class, but the blonde doesn't listen. Exasperated, the flight attendant goes to the cockpit. Seconds later the pilot steps out and whispers something in the blonde's ear. Immediately, she gets up from her seat and goes to economy class. Intrigued, the flight attendant asks the pilot how he managed to convince her to relinquish her seat.
"Easy" says the pilot, "I told her first class doesn't go to Miami"

My English teacher had a sore back today.

When someone asked him why, he said, "Well, i was trimming hedges, and I finished the first one, and i felt a little pinch in my back, but i just ignored it. But after the second one, my back just gave out on me."
To which i replied: "So, like the american economy- Fine after the first bush, collapsed after the second."

How many Hillary Clinton's does it take to screw in a light bulb?.

How many Hillary Clinton's does it take to screw in a light bulb?
I belive GE is a corner stone of the American economy.


I was so depressed last night thinking about the economy, wars, jobs, Social Security, retirement funds, and everything that I called the s**... Lifeline. I was forwarded to a call centre in Pakistan and when I told them I was suicidal, they asked if I could drive a truck...

Why would Hilary Clinton as president be good for the economy?

We would only need to pay her 78 cents on the dollar.

A politician is trying to get a horse's vote.

So he promises the horse a stable economy.
But it wasn't good enough so the horse said nay.
So the politician promises the horse that he won't bale out the banks anymore.
The horse still said nay.
"What more do you want from me" said the politician
and horse said "I don't know how to end a joke"

Did you guys hear that Ireland has the fastest growing economy in the world?

Yeah, their capital is always Dublin

Why did Donald Trump win Florida in the Presidential Election?

Floridians have seen the positive effect an Orange can have on the economy.

I told my wife that I am helping create jobs in the economy.

I left a dish in the sink and told her she now has a job to do.

A woman goes to the butcher shop to buy some sausages

When she gets them, she notices that they're half pork and half cornmeal. Bringing this up to the butcher, she says, "it's cornmeal on the left and pork on the right!" He tells her "It's to cut costs, ma'am. In this economy, it's so hard to make all ends meat."

I think i made this up?

In star wars a lot of people lose hands. Like enough that there has to be an entire hand economy. Star wars must have a lot of hand jobs.
I thought this, it made me laugh, and i think i made it.

Our government leaders have obviously never played Civ....

If they had they would know that not investing in education science and the economy coupled with an unreasonably large military is a a good way to get worked over by Gandhi later in the game.

A Frenchman and an Ethiopian got into a heated argument.

The Frenchman said, "We have better food, wine, standard of living, transportation, infrastructure, economy, and GDP than you! What do you have? Nothing!"
The Ethiopian answered, "At least we didn't surrender to the Axis!"

This economy is getting so bad, I had to pose n**... for a magazine

I'm never going back to *that* newsstand!
-Emo Philips

John, who lost his leg because of the war.

John was sitting on a bench eating a poptart, with one of his arms on the inside of his shirt instead of through his sleeve. One of his friends came up and said, "Oh man, a pop tart?! That looks delicious! Where'd you get it!" John responded, "At the store down the street, but be careful, in this economy it'll cost you an arm and a leg."

A drunk man is pulled over by a policeman at 2am

The policeman asks, "hey there, may I ask where you're headed?"
"I'm off to a conference about the effects of alcohol. How it affects relationships, the economy, how it has an effect on my children."
"And who, may I ask is leading this conference at this hour?" Asks the policeman.
"My wife when I get home."

Why did the Covenant Economy collapse?

Because there was no Prophet.

Soviet Economics

1980s. Soviet Economy minister is making speech at Communist Party session:
- According to latest statistics, our incomes rose 20%, our quality of life rose 30% and our buying economic power rose 40%
From the audience: That's great that YOURS did, but what about OURS??

What is a horse politician most important issue?

A stable economy
(Incert sitcom laugh track)

What do you call a communist economy


Germany and the Czech Republic have left the EU to form their own fully integrated economy.

Their currency is called the ✓

The s**... position known as 69 should be called 96

With our economy, the cost of eating out has gone up


My friend was helping me understand economics. He asked, what is something that would be good for the economy? I said, Chicken. He says yeah..ok, so what would be bad for the economy?
Me: If they breathed fire!

Hey cutie, are you the economy?

Because you're almost as crippling as my student loans and anxiety.

If I had a dollar note for every time a baby boomer said my generation s**......

I would have enough money to get a mortgage in the ruined economy they made.

If legalized m**... boosts a towns economy, it can then also be known to have...

municipal purposes.

My hairline is like the economy.


Some people say that Kosovo isn't a country because it doesn't have a self-sustainable economy

But then neither does Greece

Russia's economy is doing great...

Especially in the tie's business.

The Economy of fiber optics

There´s a presentation on Crypto mining on stage.
Presenter: In 15 minutes minutes we have mined, an incredible 10 bucks in gold.
Audience member Shouts: There´s more gold in Fiber optics than that.


Americans, do you remember in "jaws" when the mayor was so concerned about the economy, he told everyone it was safe to get back in the water?

It's good to see North Korea's economy getting back on track

Apparently they're producing vegetables now.

Which is the most expensive dish in the world?

Bats, they can cost entire world's economy!

Yo Mamma so ugly...

Yo momma so ugly that we created a global conspiracy "plandemic" and ruined the world economy and expedited the new world order and ruined Trump's rally and banned the Confederate flag from nascar and cancelled major league baseball just so she'd wear a mask.

Whitehouse has a new slogan to encourage everyone to get back to work, school and boost the economy...

**!!No Lives Matter!!**

Obesity is a problem and needs to be dealt with immediately

But remember, 50% off fast food restaurants for the month of August. Help the economy

If you would have told me on Nov. 10 2016 that the Trump presidency would end with the economy failing and the country dying..

I would have totally believed you.

The position of 69 should be replaced by 96.

With the economy as it is, the cost of eating out has gone up.

Economy joke, The position of 69 should be replaced by 96.

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