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Top 10 Funniest Eccentric Jokes and Puns

A Subway sandwich maker has a very eccentric regular customer.

The eccentric customer always orders a tuna sandwich, but heavily modified, made with an extra cup of mayo, smothered in chili peppers, red peppers, onions, and pickles, then toasted until it's burnt. It looks and smells disgusting and the worker dreads it when he sees that customer come in.

Finally he asks his boss if he can just not wait on that customer. His boss asks why.

The worker screams in frustration: "I hate the mods on that sub!"

What's the difference between being crazy and being eccentric?

Your bank account.

An eccentric professor brings a cloning machine into class to illustrate a difficult concept...

One student, gesturing to the demonstration, decides to reach out to his overachieving friend.
"I just don't understand what that thing does."
His friend, clearly bothered by the situation, snaps back, "that makes two of us!"

An eccentric dutch inventor whom invented inflatable shoes has died.

A member of the family said it was only a matter of time until he popped his clogs.

What did the people say about the eccentric poo?

It was a little nutty.

What do you call an eccentric particle physicist?


What's common between a lawyer and an eccentric billionaire with bad teeth?

Both have a very expensive retainer.

Eccentric joke, What's common between a lawyer and an eccentric billionaire with bad teeth?

Why Couldn't the Billionaire Fit through the circular door?

He was too eccentric.

Do you know the difference between eccentric and crazy?

The amount of money you have in the bank.

My slightly eccentric grandfather was walking down the street whilst wearing a propeller hat. A passerby said to him "You do you."

My grandfather replied "What is that?
A slogan for masturbation?"

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