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The Grass Eaters.

A wealthy man was driving home when he saw two men eating grass by the roadside. He stopped, asked them why.

They told him they were hungry, and he insisted that they get in the car with him; he will take them somewhere to eat.

They got in the car, thanking him profusely.

He replied, "No problem, the grass at my home is almost a foot tall."

Statistics show that vegetarians live on average ten years longer than meat eaters

Ten long miserable years

Basketball players are very messy eaters

They're always dribbling

Why are yogurt eaters sophisticated?

Because they're WELL-CULTURED.

What are some dirty jokes you know?

I was asked to submit some dirty jokes to an ongoing event. The annoucer ask a person a dirty joke and if they guess the answer correctly they're awarded a prize.

An example of a dirty joke they've asked is "What do you call two people 69ing?"

"Odor eaters."

Any dirty jokes are greatly appreciated.

What do cannibal parents tell their kids when they become picky eaters?

Eat the vegetables

There are flat earthers, there are tide pod eaters,

And there are people who want the first two to be the same.

Eaters joke, There are flat earthers, there are tide pod eaters,

I've never understood picky eaters...

you won't eat a tomato but you'll put someones unwashed genitals in your mouth.

Why don't ant eaters get sick?

They have lots of anty bodies inside them.

Where do Death Eaters go to shop?


(FYI THIS IS KINDA RACIST) Jews are picky eaters.

Even when they find a sausage they can eat. They always ask for the skin off it.

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What do you call two skunks sixty-nining?

Odor eaters.

What do you call skunks doing 69?

Odor eaters

Why are messy eaters so rude?

They always have a chip on their shoulder.

Why can't aardvarks have family reunions?

Because they're aunt eaters

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