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Funniest Eastern European Short Jokes

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  1. My mate just hired an Eastern european cleaner, took her 15 hours to Hoover the house. Turns out she was a Slovak.
  2. I have an Eastern European friend who fixes my language mistakes... My personal spell Czech.
  3. A local museum today received a substantial donation of French Impressionist and Eastern European artwork. They're gettin' Monet for nothing and Czechs for free.
  4. What do you call an Eastern European cashier? A Checkoutslovakian.
    (Better said than read)
  5. I like my coffee like I like my women. Handed over by an eastern european immigrant who doesn't care what happens to it or expect to see it again.
  6. After a flood of forged financial documents from a small eastern european country, an urgent warning was issued by banks worldwide CHECK CZECH CHEQUES
  7. When I manage a troupe of Eastern European acrobats... they're going to be called "Czechs and Balances", it's the only logical choice.
  8. As an eastern European living in a western country, dealing with bureaucrats always brings me to tears Their rudeness and arrogance make reminds me of my homeland, it makes me so nostalgic.
  9. What's it called when you beat your eastern European friend at strategy board games. Czech Mate
  10. What happened when the bankrupt eastern european jumped off a building? The Czech bounced.

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Eastern European One Liners

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  1. Made an Eastern European friend on a chess forum. He was my Czech mate.
  2. What did the eastern Russian say to the western Russian in the bathroom? "European."
  3. I used to work in an eastern european fraud office. I had to check czech cheques.
  4. What does a British guy say when he beats an Eastern European at chess? Czechmate
  5. What do you call an Eastern European couple after they get a divorce ? Separate Czechs.
  6. A guy beat his eastern european friend at chess. He got a czech-mate
  7. What is an Eastern European dictator's favorite food? Chowșescu
  8. What do you call an Eastern European weatherman? A RainCzech
  9. What do you call an eastern european manicurist? Nail Polish.
  10. What do you call an eastern European in a hurry? Russian.
  11. What's an eastern European cannibal's favorite snack? Czechs Mix
  12. What do you call a big Eastern European sausage? Kielbasa (Often Pronounced Ca-Ba-Sa.)
  13. What do you call an Eastern European waterfowl? A U-Crane.
  14. What does Tarzan say to an eastern european crane? Me Tarzan, you crane.
  15. Why did the eastern European man c**... on his way to work? He was Russian

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Smelly Roommate (Anthony Jeselnik)

I once had this Eastern European roommate who never showered or used deodorant. He smelled awful and after a while it got unbearable. I didn't have the heart to tell him that he smelled bad, so I left him a note one morning in the bathroom, "Dear Olaf, get out of my country"
-Anthony Jeselnik

A new craze sweeps an Eastern European nation

Though Transylvania is mostly rivers and mountains, a new outdoor sport is achieving newfound popularity. Folks have been flocking to the calmer parts of the Olt and Danube to try out for a crew, the competitive paddling fad usually found in lakes. In fact, the sport has spread from the region to the whole country.
Truly, the nation has Ro-mania.

An American, African, Middle-Eastern person, and European are asked a question:

"What is your opinion of the food shortages in the rest of the world?"
The African says, "What's 'food'?"
The European says, "What's a 'shortage'?"
The American says, "What's 'the rest of the world'?"
The Middle-Eastern person says, "What's an 'opinion'?"

What do firemen and Eastern European prostitutes have in common?

They both go down on poles.

what did they tell the eastern European tree who wanted a room at the hotel california

you can czech in any time you want
but you can never leaf

What do you call an eastern European pick up artist who can raise the dead?

A Czechromancer

Somewhere, there's an Eastern European bar with a drink called The Czech

A customer is ready to leave and says "I'm ready for the check."
The bartender smiles and says "Coming right up."

My friend just hired an Eastern European cleaner and it took her 15 hours to vacuum the house.

Turns out she was a Slovak.
If this is a repost then sorry, but I heard it today and haven't seen it on here before...

Congrats to the National Gallery on receiving a substantial donation of French Impressionist and Eastern European artwork.

Which is to say ... they're getting Monet for nothing and the Czechs for free.

What is the question that has perplexed eastern european historians?

Did Vlad Dracula remove kebab, or impale them?

My Eastern European cleaner took 3 hours to hoover my living room.

Turns out she's a Slovak

The Origin of Condoms

Two friends are at a bar discussing where Condoms were invented and first used, friend 1 is saying that Europeans were the first to invent condoms while friend 2 says it was the middle easterners.
A stranger comes along, overhearing their discussion, and decides to settle the debate.
"Middle easterners were the first by using goat intestines"
Friend 2 laughs with his victory but the stranger isn't done yet
"Europeans refined the technique by removing the intestine from the goat first"

Vladimir Putin Travels to an Eastern European Country

He walks up to the customs agent and the agent asks, Name?
Vladimir Putin
Country of Origin?
No, no. Just visiting.

My friend who works as a beautician wants to learn Eastern European languages

It sounds challenging, but I know she's going to nail Polish.

I hired a new cleaner, she was Eastern European.

Not being the quickest at her job, I was going to fire her. I confronted her about her pace and she apologized and informed me she was a Slovak.

An international school teacher asks: What's your own honest opinion on food scarcity in other countries?

An African student responds: What's food?
A Western European student: What's scarcity?
An Eastern European student: What's honest?
A Chinese student: What's opinion?
A Russian student: What's your?
An American student: What's other countries?

Eastern European Charade

I am stuck between Russia and Poland.
I am getting hit very violently.
Yellow is one of my two colors.
What am I ?
**A tennis ball in Dubai Semi Final**

I recently got an Eastern European maid to help clean around the house

I gave her the vacuum and she said she'd start right away. When I came back from work, she was still vacuuming, 8 hours later.
She was a Slovac.