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Top 10 Funniest Easter Egg Hunt Jokes and Puns

The Easter massacre

After the egg hunt on Easter Sunday, the young farm boy decided to play a prank. He went to the chicken coop and replaced every single egg with a brightly colored one. A few minutes later the rooster walked in saw all the colored eggs, then stormed outside and killed the peacock

Did you know Sean Connery used to save the egg shells from pancake day and paint them to use for egg hunts at Easter?

It was an egg shell lent idea

Arnold Schwarzenegger joined an Easter egg hunt but didn't find any eggs. His secretary asks "Does this mean you hate Easter now?"

He shakes his head and responds:
"I still love Easter baby."

what did my sperm get for easter?

an egg hunt!

I was going to make a scene when they told me I couldn't join the Easter Egg hunt...

...instead I just left without a Peep.

I Was on an Egg Hunt Earlier.

I tried to find them by heading to the far West, but it turns out it was an Easter Egg hunt.

Did you hear about the Easter egg hunt for the Alzheimer's patients?

They hid their own eggs!

They told me I was too old to hunt for Easter eggs, but the jokes on them

I prefer mine poached!

Neighborhood kids came over for an Easter egg hunt.

Apparently hiding the eggs in the clothes I was wearing is somehow against the law?

Why do only 20 percent of blonde chicks lay Easter eggs? The rest are hunting peckers.

I decided to teach my cousins a lesson about Easter and April Fools today...

So I sent them on an easter egg hunt but didn't hide any eggs

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Easter is on April Fools this year

Tell your kids to go hunt for eggs you never hid

I went to an Easter Egg hunt without a permit...

...They caught me poaching eggs.

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