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Congratulations to the winner of last night's presidential debate!

The Voyager probe, flying away from Earth at an estimated 62000 km per hour.

Scientists watched the earth rotate for 24 hours and got tired,

So they called it a day

Astronomers got tired of watching the moon go round the earth for 24 hours, so they called it a day.

I'm sorry.

In ancient times, people watched the earth spin for 24 hours.

They got bored though, so they called it a day

God is talking to one of his angels and says

Do you know what I have just done? I have just created a 24-hour period of alternating light and darkness on Earth. Isn't that good?

The angel says, Yes, but what will you do now?

God says, I think I'll call it a day.

On long plane trip, a woman is sitting next to a lawyer. She wants to sleep, but the lawyer does not stop talking...

*"Let's play a game"* - he suggests.

The woman ignores him.

*"To make it interesting"* - he continues - *"if I answer incorrectly to your question, I'll pay you $50. If you answer incorrectly to my question, you pay me $5."*

The woman agrees, and the lawyer asks the first question.

*"What is the distance between Earth and the Moon?"*

The woman hands him $5. Now it's her turn.

*"What goes up a hill with three legs and comes down with four?"*

The lawyer is astonished. He frantically surfs the Internet, searches his pocket encyclopedia and asks his scientist friends. He finds nothing. Hours later, when finally giving up looking for the answer, he wakes the woman, hands her $50 and asks:

*"So, what is the answer?"*

Without saying a word, she hands him $5 and goes back to sleep.


The god Thor is bored one day and decided to try out having sex with a mortal woman...

He heads down to earth and finds a beautiful young woman. Pouring on the charm, he convinces her to go to bed with him. He goes back to her place and enjoys her in every possible way, absolutely plowing her with all his god-like strength and endurance. 7 hours later, he rolls off. She's laying there, gasping and panting, shaking, and exhausted from the most incredible sex she's ever had in her life. She can't even speak. All she can do is stroke his chest with a trembling hand. He understands her point, though. He was amazing.

"I've got a confession to make," he says. "I'm actually Thor."

"You're thor!? I'm tho thor, I won't be able to thit down for a week!

GUYS. If you missed the eclipse today, there's going to be a secondary one later.

It's at 8:01 PM. The earth will block out the sun and it will go completely dark during a period of about 10 1/2 hours.

Thor was bored with life on Asgard and one day decided travel to earth to entertain himself.

Whilst here he happened upon a beautiful maiden and the pair hooked up that evening and made love all night, with Thor slipping out in the early hours.

Back in Asgard Thor felt bad for the fair lady about slipping away never too be seen again and thought he at least owed it to her to explain things - so he made his way back to earth to find her.

He bumps into her again. "Hi' he states 'I think I should explain - I'm Thor"

"*I'm Thor"?!* The lady retorted, "I can hardly thit down!"

The winner of tonight's election is...

the Voyager space probe which is currently traveling at 62,137 km per hour away from the Earth into interstellar space.

I got bored watching the Earth turn

So after 24 hours, I called it a day.

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One Billion Funny Joke

According to a recent government publication ...
A billion seconds ago Harry Truman was president.
A billion minutes ago was just after the time of Christ.
A billion hours ago man had not yet walked on earth.
A billion dollars ago was late yesterday at the U.S. Treasury.

Mercurian day

So - apparently one day on Mercury is an agonisingly long 1408 earth hours long...

In other words - one Earth Monday.

Scientists watched the earth revolve for 24 hours

They got bored and call it a day!!!

Not mine. Just passing on.

A lawyer approached the Pearly Gates of Heaven

I'm only 45 years old! Why is it already my time to depart? Send me back to Earth right now or I'll sue you! he angrily snapped to the gatekeeper.

Based to the records of your billable hours, Mr. Lawyer, you're 98 years old. , replied the gatekeeper.

Octopus dinner

I recently went to a sea food restaurant and I had a look at the menu , I said to the Waiter
excuse me can I have the octopus please

No problem sir he replied

But there is an issue he said

And what's that then ??

He said
you can have it but it takes 4 hours to cook

4 hours ??? Why on earth does it take that long ??

Simples ,Because we cook them when they are still alive , but they keep turning the gas off

Scientists got bored of watching the Earth rotate every 24 hours...

...they decided to call it a day and go home.

Last night there was a total eclipse of the sun...

It was quite an eclipse. The earth's shadow blocked out the sun completely. It got very dark. The temperature dropped. It was eerie. But, after a few hours, I got tired and went inside to sleep.

I hear that there will be another one tonight and every evening next week.

People got tired of watching the moon rotate around the earth for 24 hours they just called it a day

One day on Mercury lasts aproximately 1408 hours

The same as one Monday on earth

Ancient astronomers were studying the movement of the moon around the Earth

After doing it for 24 hours they got tired of it and decided to call it a day.

Scientists got bored after watching the earth turn, so after 24 hours...

They called it a day.

a day on saturn lasts 10 hours

just like saturday and sunday on earth.

Earth hour!

Turned my lights off for Earth Hour and I've never had so many other cars honking at me.

Micheal Jordan to Chuck Norris:

I can spin a ball on my finger for over two hours.

Can you?

Chuck Norris: (laughs) How do you think the earth spins?

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