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Is gravity real?

or does the earth just suck

Scientists recently discovered that there is no such thing as gravity

The Earth just sucks

I'd say I'm a down to earth guy...

but that's mostly because of gravity...

Bad pun alert.

I've been watching behind the scenes reels of movies for quite a few years so the magic of movies is somewhat lost on me. I'll know how that car flip was achieved, how they choreographed fight scenes etc.

Still, watching Gravity this weekend I couldn't help but think, "how on Earth did they do that?"

If gravity were a person...

He'd be pretty down to earth.

I like Gravity...

It keeps me down to earth

Man, I sure love gravity

It's really down to earth

The earth's gravity is getting stronger!

Every time I step on the scales they register a few pounds higher.

I want to thank gravity...

For keeping me down to Earth

I'd like to dedicate this award to gravity.

You've always kept me down to earth.


Impotence is when Earths gravity is larger than your wifes

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Ive travelled the globe trying to convince people the earth is flat

No one understands the gravity of my message

Gravity.. gonna be the downfall of earth.

There is no such thing as gravity ....

The earth sucks.

The Earth and the Moon get in an argument

The Moon tried to be the bigger body and walk away, but the Earth grabbed it and said "I don't think you understand the gravity of the situation. "

Isaac Newton was having a family reunion...

It turns out that his cousin Gravity is a really down to Earth guy

If there's one thing that really keeps me down to earth,

It's gravity

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