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What did the Earth say to the Earthquake?

Sorry...that was my fault.

What did the earthquake say to all of its victims?

Oh, fault.

What did one earthquake say to the other?

"I don't know what your blaming me for, it's your fault!"

Keep the Earth clean!

Its not Uranus.

jokes about eart

Do you think Earth makes fun of the other planets...

...because they have no life?

What does the earth eat for breakfast?

Continental breakfast, served on tectonic plates.

Earth asks Mars...

"Why has Venus been so distant lately?"

Mars answers "shes been under a lot of pressure and has really bad gas"

Eart joke, Earth asks Mars...

I'd say I'm a down to earth guy...

but that's mostly because of gravity...

On earth: A magician puts his hand in his hat.

In the rabbit realm: The Hand emerges. It is time. The rabit council must choose another sacrifice.

What did Earth say to Jupiter?

That mass though

What did one earthquake say to the other earthquake?

I've been really stressed out lately, I know it's not your fault, but please stop cracking jokes about me

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If Earth is the third planet from Sun after Mercury and Venus

Doesn't that make every country a third world country?

Earth, Venus, Mars, and Jupiter were going to setup a party

But they failed because nobody knew how to planet

What did one earthquake say to the other?

Was that your fault or mine?

Earth went around the solar system asking the other planets for a stick of gum.

They all refused, but Earth still got one; Pluto shares its Orbit.

Earth only has a 1 star rating.

Any more than that, and everything would burn up.

Eart joke, Earth only has a 1 star rating.

What on Earth is a nosey pepper?!

It's one that gets all jalapeno business (sorry)

Why does Earth bully other planets?

Because they have no life.

What did one earthquake say to the other earthquake?

That wasn't my fault.

Courtesy of my 11 year old daughter.

I went all around the earth

To prove it was flat

What did the Earth say when Earth saw a Comet coming towards it?

"COMET me bro"

The earth is not flat!!!

It's a half sphere

This earthquake news is devastating

It's really got me shaken up

If in an earthquake, take shelter with a horse...

Their houses are always stable

Earth is the best planet...

The mere rotation of it makes my day!

Why are earthquakes always found guilty?

Because they are at fault

Eart joke, Why are earthquakes always found guilty?

What did Earth say to the other planets?

Wow. You guys have no life.

What do you get when there's an earthquake at a cow pasture?

Milk shakes

Earth can not be flat

Because if it was cats would have pushed everything from the edge

I used to think the earth was flat...

But that was an all-round bad idea.

What happens when there is an earthquake in Africa?

Djibouti shakes!

The Earth used to be flat,

but then they buried yo mama.

Why does the Earth make fun of the moon?

Because it has no life

I really like how the earth spins

It really makes my day

If the Earth is flat

then my belly is too

There has been an earthquake in Mexico...





300.000 casualties. Brazil sends medical help, Germany sends food, England sends money and the USA sends 500.000 Mexicans

Did you know that Earth can fit into Uranus 63 times?

64 if you relax enough.

This Earth Day I decided I would become more environmentally concious

So I'm starting to recycle jokes

Did you know that the Earth is really thick?

It's so thiccccccc it has seven sea's

What did the Earth say to the sun?

You're out of this world

Why did the Earth smell so bad after the meteor hit it?

Because afterwards the dinosaurs were all egg stink.

If earth was a sandwich

The entire population would be in bread.

If everyone on Earth stood in a single file line around the equator

most of them would drown.

Somewhere, someone on this earth needs a person just like you in their life, and they've always wished for you to show up

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How do you know you're in an earthquake?

You call the lift and floor comes down for you.

I like my earth like I like my bread.


What does the Earth do after a bad breakup?

Gets drunk off its axis.

From my 6 yr old

From my 6 yr old...

What did the earthquake say to the person?

It wasn't my fault!

There was an earthquake where I live last night

I'm pretty shaken up about it

The Earth-Moon joke.

I wonder if Earth makes fun of the Moon for having no life.

Want to know how I KNOW the Earth isn't flat?

Cats would've pushed everything off the edge by now.

On Earth we get hemorrhoids...

In space they get assteroids.

Earth is the third planet from the sun.

By this logic, all countries are third world countries

How does earth and mars schedule a vacation

They planet

Why does Earth only have one moon?

We're moonagamous.

Earthquakes are confusing

We know where the fault lies but we have no one to blame

What does Earth get on Earth day ?

A birthday quake !

Earth is 3rd from the Sun

That means all our problems are 3rd world problems

How do we know the earth is round?

Because if it was flat, cats would've pushed everything off the edge by now.

The earth aint flat

But it could be if yo momma fell over

I wonder if the Earth . . .

Makes fun of the Moon for having no life.

What did the earth say to other planets?

Get a life.

How far is it from the Earth to the sun?

8 CVS receipts

Earth without art

Is just, Eh

Not Earth!

God was looking for a place to take a vacation.

An angel suggested, "How about Earth?"

God said; "Are you kidding? I hooked up with a Jewish girl there 2000 years ago, and they STILL haven't stopped talking about it!"

63 Earths can fit inside Uranus...

64 if you relax.

The Earth is 70% uncarbonated water

Therefore the Earth is flat

The Earth is 70% uncarbonated water...

So it's technically flat.

Me: The earth isn't flat

Me: The earth isn't flat.

Fiat earther: Correct.

Me: huh?

Fiat earther: It's shaped like an Italian car.

Me: what?

Fiat earther: You read my name wrong, didn't you?

Who on earth is Noah Fence..?

And why do people keep mentioning him whenever they annoy me?

The Earth is flat

Over 70% of its surface is water, and none of it is carbonated.

Why does an earth rock taste better than a moon rock?

Because it's meteor!

Earth Day

A guy walks into a bar and orders a beer. "So what are you doing to celebrate Earth Day?" the bartender asks. "Oh, already done," the guy replies. "I sent all my work related e-mails to my recycling bin."

Earth day joke: is the planet round or flat?

Neither, it is screwed.

Me: The earth isn't flat!

fiat earther: correct

me: huh?

fiat earther: it's the shape of an Italian car

me: what?

fiat earther: you read my name wrong didn't you?

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