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Why dont you need birth controls when having sex with British boys?

They are the earliest to pull out of eu.

The earliest memory I have is going with my dad to get prescription glasses.

Life before that is a blur.

The bad news is, one of the earliest signs of cognitive impairment is the inability to finish sentences.

The good news Is

Earliest joke, The bad news is, one of the earliest signs of cognitive impairment is the inability to finish senten

Earliest-known Ten Commandments tablet sells at auction for $850000

Bumping Apple off the top spot for most expensive mobile device without a headphone jack.

What's the earliest joke you can remember? Here's mine:

These two:

"My wife went to the West Indies"
"No, she went of her own accord."

"My wife went to the East Indies"
"No, she went by plane."

When is the earliest time of day Nintendo fans play games?

The Wii hours of the morning.

My earliest childhood memory is going to the eye doctor when I was 8.

Life before that is a blur.

Earliest joke, My earliest childhood memory is going to the eye doctor when I was 8.

[OC] My therapist asked me what was my earliest erotic remembrance and I told him it was wearing my mother's lingerie when I was a child.

he said it was probably a Freudian slip.

One of my earliest memories as a child was getting to meet the pope,

It was a touching experience.

Which creature loses it's virginity the earliest?

A chicken. It gets laid at birth.

My earliest childhood memory is visiting the eye doctor and getting my glasses...

Before that, life was a blur...

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One of my earliest memories is seeing my mother's face through the oven window.

As we played hide and seek and she said: 'you're getting warmer'.

Why does Archaeopteryx always get the worm?

Because it's the earliest bird!

What time did the dino with a hurt jaw see the dentist?

He didn't. The earliest the dentist could get him in was thousands of years after the dino went extinct.

There are now dogs that can sniff out cancer in its earliest stages.

Looks like the end of the CAT scan.

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