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Top 10 Funniest Ear Infection Jokes and Puns

Went to the doctor for an ear infection and now I've found out I'm actually going deaf.

That news was pretty hard to hear.

What's the worst thing about earrape?

You could get an ear infection, like hearing AIDS

I told my doctor I have hearing aids...

... but he insists it's just an ear infection...

My elevator has an ear infection

It must be Otistis

Another day at the White House

After returning from the White House after a forum on sex in the workplace, Monica Lewinsky takes her dress to the dry cleaner.

The dry cleaner has an ear infection and is having trouble hearing.

Monica says to the dry cleaner, I need my dress cleaned. The dry cleaner does not hear her well and says "come again", and Monica replies, "No, mustard"

Two corny jokes

Why did the farmer standing in the field call 911?

He thought he was being stalked.

Why did the corn go to the doctor?

It had an ear infection.

My wife said I should go to the doctors because she thinks I have a ear infection.

We will play it by ear.

Yo' Mama is so nasty, she gave me an ear infection over the phone.

Your mom is so nasty that when I called her up for phone sex...

I got an ear infection

Non-vaccinated children are the least likely to get any ear infections.

Because they are anti-wax

I have an ear infection...and it hurts

If anyone has a magical cure for this, i'm all ears.

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