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Two men are sitting in a bar, talking to eachother. One asks the other if he ever looks his wife in the eyes while making love. "I did once" the other responds, "But I saw a lot of anger in her eyes". The first, looking confused: "Why was that?"

"Because she was looking from outside through the window!"

One, day little Johnny asks his father,

"Daddy where do i come from?"
The mother and father, had been preparing for this, for a very long time.

"Well son, when a Man and a Woman love each-other very much..."

After explaining the details and science to his Son, who had a puzzled look on his face the Father turned to his child,

"Well son, does that answer your question?"

"Not really Susan from school told me she came from Italy."

What do you call two homeless people hitting eachother with cardboard?

A pillow fight.

I have a really good relatipnship with the elevator operator.

We speak to eachother on so many different levels.

The Lawyer and the Mexican

A lawyer and a Mexican live next to eachother in the most cookie-cutter neighborhood you can imagine.
One day, they're both mowing the frontlawn. The Mexican says:

"You know, my house is worth more than yours."

The lawyer is confused. He responds:

"How? Our houses are identical. Did you renovate the interior?"


"Did you modernize the kitchen or the bathroom?"

"I didn't."

"Then how can your house be worth more than mine?!", the lawyer cries.

"Well, I live next to a lawyer, and you live next to a Mexican."

Two vegans bump into eachother at a BBQ

"We must stop meating like this."

Wars would be obsolete if women ruled the world

There would just be a bunch of jealous countries who do not talk to eachother.

My girlfriend and I were fighting in the car

We glared at eachother and I thought neither of us would back down, but in the end we struck an Accord.

Why do lesbians tend to dress alike?

They rub off on eachother.

What did the two oceans say to each-other?

Nothing, they just waved.

Two black men

are walking down a city street and come across a building reading "Only 98 cents to change your skin color," the men paused and looked at eachother. One Black man says "Wow, that would make life so much easier for us! I got 99 cents in my pocket." The other replies "Yes it would but I only got 97 cents. If you go in, try it out and it goes well can I borrow that leftover penny?"

"Of course, well here I go," the man walks into the building and minutes later comes out a brand new white man.

"Wow this is amazing, I don't believe what i'm seeing right now!" the black man continues "This worked out so well, can i borrow that penny from you?"

The new white man tells him, "Get a job, nig nog."

A white doctor in Africa

It's a white doctor in an african village. One day, a horde of African men came to his office and said:
" Doc, we respect you, but we saw that many women started having white babies!"
The doctor laughed and replied: "Oh no! it's not what you think it is! you see, in my ranch I have a lot of white horses and they sometimes have black offspring, nothing unatural!"

The black men looked at eachother, feeling embarrassed.

"Ok doc, we will forget about the women if you forget about the horses."

Jane and Enzo are on a date...

They're walking down an empty beach on a Saturday night talking about eachother.

"I'm in Real Estate," says Jane. Enzo replies "That's right! I've seen your name in front of some big houses in this town!"

Jane replies "Yeah I bet, I'm pretty good at my job."

Enzo says "I'm a ghost hunter."

Jane looks at him and starts laughing at him saying "That's your job? a Ghost Hunter? Hahaha, I've never even seen a ghost before in my life!"

to which Enzo replies "Yeah I bet, I'm pretty good at my job."

A stairway builder was retiring

On his last day the manager held a speech for him in the lunch-room.
"This man has worked here for over 40 years! Just imagine the number of stairs built by you alone! I reckon, on the day you die, you could stack them on top of eachother and reach heaven!"

The retiring builder, a bit red from embaresment, responded quietly:
"Oh, thank you for your kind words, but I have mostly been building basement-stairs..."

I hate seeing babies are kissing eachother.

It's like, get a womb.

You would think that atoms bonding would mean they're being friendly to eachother

But instead they steal each others electrons.

How ionic.

A police officer is patrolling the highway...

He sees a speeding car on I95. He pulls the car over and is surprised to see a nun at the wheel. He asks her if she knows why he pulled her over. She says that she had no idea. The officer said she was driving almost 100 mph. She said " No I was driving 95 just like the sign says" He looks in the back seat and sees two more nuns holding each-other and shaking. He says that they don't have to worry, he is just going to issue a warning because of the clear misunderstanding. They respond, "We are not worried about the fine, we just got off of highway 128."

So HBO is making a drama about relatives conspiring against eachother to take control of the family pastry company

It's going to be called Game of Scones

How do two Marines find eachother in the dark?

Very satisfying

What do you call it when you and your homie help eachother both bust a nut?


Three Mice Are Bragging to eachother

The first mouse says: I will eat tons of mouse-poison, but it does nothing to me. The second mouse says, well for me a mouse trap is peanuts! I just pull the lever and take the cheese!

The Third says: Oh you two, stop bragging already! Wait... what time is it? Oh, I have to go home, i have to feed the cat!

How do blind men rob eachother?

By accident

3 man in heaven

3 man are in a house in heaven. There is one rule, if you step on a pink cloud something bad will happen to you.

They are all hungry and one person decides to get some pizza. He comes back with a ugly woman. The other look at eachother confused and asked what happened. The man with the ugly woman says that he stepped on a pink cloud.

The second man decides to get some food, but also comes with a ugly woman and says that he stepped on a pink cloud.

Than the third man goes and tries to get some food. But this time he comes back with the most beatiful woman. The other two are very confused and ask what happened. The beatiful lady says that she stepped on a pink cloud.

I heard the last two kids rescued raced eachother to the end of the cave...

Rescuers reported the race ended in a Thai.

Overheard at the Gynecologist Office:

A blonde, a brunette & red head are waiting to be seen at the Gynecologist office. All three are pregnant. They start talking to eachother about their babies.

Brunette: I'm going to have a boy because I was on top during sex.

Redhead: Well, I was on the bottom during sex so I'm having a girl.

Blonde: Oh my God! I'm going to have puppies!!!

How do Japanese bloods say whats up to eachother?

Wassah B?

What is the definition of trust ?

Two cannibals getting down on eachother.

I asked my friend why animals stay in groups...

He replied, "There are several reasons. Name an animal and I'll tell you why."

Perplexed, I took the opportunity and asked him about why penguins stay in groups.

"That," he responded, "is because penguins often use eachother to test if something is safe. Penguins sometimes even push other penguins into the water to test for killer whales."

Amazed by his knowledge, I ask him about birds.

"There are several reasons for this, as well, but the major one is so that they have a much lower chance of being targetted by a predator, like an eagle."

At this point it was just for fun, but finally, I asked him about lions.

"Oh, that? It's just the pride of lions."

If 2 vegans are upset with eachother, is it called beef?

Or would it be a brussel bout?

Three friends are on a road trip...

They decide to stop for the night at the only hotel in town. As they get up to the reception desk, they are informed that there is only one room left and it's a queen. The three are comfortable enough with eachother and decide the minor inconvenience is worth not driving a few hours down the road to the next hotel.
The night goes by and in the morning they have breakfast at the hotel restaurant.
The first guy says, "I had the most amazing dream last night. I got a handy from Scarlet Johansen."
The second guy remarks "that's so weird, I had a similar dream and I was getting a handy from Natalie Portman"
The third guy pipes in "you two are just weird, I dreamed I was skiing"

Newton's third law of motion

states that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Therefore, if you are having sex with a woman without her consent, she is equally having sex with you without your consent, both cancelling eachother out and making rape legal.

If two vegans are angry at eachother,

is it beef?

What do you call it when two hand amputees high five eachother?

A stump bump.

How do cells greet one another?

They micro*wave* at eachother.

Friends are making visual puns

One draws a box with an x on it
"its obviously xbox"
Another draws a station with play on it
"of course its playstation"
Another one draws two people with arrows pointing to eachother with one having nintendo on his shirt.
"its nintendo switch"
Finally one draws a girl with multicolored hair.
"its pc"

2 dwarfs

2 dwarfs meet eachother:
-O, says one, what a small world.

How do mussels reproduce?

They shuck eachother.

I remember how in kindergarten everyone was always touching eachother and experiment with your sexuality

What happens when two same pokemons meet eachother?

Jynx has to buy them a coke.

It must be hard to have a mom and dad who are both midgets.

they're always really short with eachother

Having bushy eyebrows are like dating twins...

...if you stop paying attention to them they'll touch eachother.

Not a joke, but a funny poem

One fine day, in the middle of the night,
Two dead men got up to fight,
A blind man came to see fair play,
A mute man came to shout "Horay!"
Back to back, they faced eachother,
Drew their swords and shot eachother.

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