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What do you call an Eskimo lesbian?

A Klondyke.

Where do lesbian white supremacists go to drink?

A klan-dyke bar.

Nike has started making trainers for lesbians called "nikes4dykes"

they have 50% more tongue and you can get them off with one finger.

The Dutch should be grateful for lesbians

Without Dykes half of their country would be underwater

What do you call a group of lesbians?

A dyker gang

I don't get why lesbians are called dykes.

People keep explaining to me, but the idea just doesn't hold water.

What do you call a lesbian ice cream sandwich?

A Klondyke bar.

What do you call a lesbian cavewoman?

A Troglodyke!

What do you call a nightclub that caters specifically to lesbian circus performers?

A clown-dyke bar.

What do you call a crazy lesbian?

A dyke-o-path.

My lesbian neighbors told me they borke up.

I think they are just dykeslicksick.

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What do you call a pub for lesbians in circus outfits?

A Clown-Dyke-Bar

Credit to u/TheBigDsOpinion

What do you call a lesbian chimpanzee?

*Pan troglodyke*

What do Ellen DeGeneres and the street sweeper from Mary Poppins have in common?

They're both famous dykes.

Lesbian Eskimo?


What do you call a lesbian with reading disorder?


A millionaire enters the town of Klon.

Upon arriving he notices a particularly popular homosexual bar specifically for women. Seeing a potentially valuable investment, he enters and speaks to the owner.

"How much to own this place?" He asks.

The owner responds: "not for sale, I've got customers waiting."

The millionaire, not wanting to miss an investment, grabs the owners arm as he turns to go and says "wait, I'll do anything to own this place!"

The owner turns back to him slowly and says... "What would you do for a Klon Dyke-bar?"

What do you call a cold lesbian?

A klondyke.

What do you call a group of prison bull-dykes?

Ellen Degenerates

What do you call lesbian sandwich-makers with spray tans?

Jersey Dykes.

My friend is a lesbian diabetic.

She has dyke-abetes.

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