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My friend believes The Office is the best television show, and belittles anyone that thinks otherwise

I'm so tired of these Dwight Supremacists

Footballer Dwight Yorke just got denied entry to the US due to an Iranian stamp in his passport.

Makes a change at least, most of his troubles are from briefly entering Jordan.

dwights farm as suffered a massive blight, almost bankrupt he was signed for a massive record deal on the condition he give up farming

turns out all he had to do was drop those sick beets

After his crop failed, why did Dwight Schrute (The Office) decide to try a career in hip-hop music?

Because he had a ton of sick beets.

What does Dwight Schrute have in common with Greece

A bunch of dead beets.

A Californian asks about upvoting Dwight Eisenhower cosplays and similar.

"Do you like like to like the likes of Ike look-a-likes?"

How does Dwight Schrute keep himself entertained on the farm?

Beet boxing.

Dwight joke, How does Dwight Schrute keep himself entertained on the farm?

What is Dwight Schrute's hometown?

Nanda Parbeets.

TNT just released a new Dwight Howard documentary

It's called Inside The NBA.

Anybody else seeing Dwight Howard's Jersey 50% off everywhere?

I also hear you can get his shorts 100% off.

So last night I found out Dwight Howard got double teamed

And I'm not talking about on the basketball court

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If Dwight Schrute gave someone the sex talk

It would be the birds and the beets

Did you hear that Dwight Shrute is running a spin class at the local Y?

Yeah, apparently he's amazing at peddling stationary.

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