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Wondering why "cuck" has become the new insult of choice among basement dwellers and neck beards?

They finally found an insult that can never be used against them.


How many basement dwellers and deplorables does it take to change a lightbulb?

That's ridiculous I saw on CNN that Hillary has already changed the lightbulb Plus it's not dark and the light bulb isn't broken and anyway who told you it was broken Vladimir Putin? What are you sexist?


Thematically kinda Halloween

Three vampires meet each other in a dark alley completely covered in blood.

1st vampire: Blah! Fellow night dwellers, see that plain with dead herd of cows over there? Yes, my work, is why I'm all bloody.

2nd: Weakling, see those 4 dead people in this alley? Totally sucked all their blood. Now it's all over me.

3rd: See the tall tower over there, guys?

Both: Um, duh, yea.

3rd: Well, I didn't.


What is it about tall creepy louisiana swamp dwellers that makes them naturally glow?

Their bayou loomin' essence


Did you hear about the protest from the sewer dwellers?

They were revolting.


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