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  1. Why did Dwayne 'the rock' Johnson's family get tested for COVID-19 They couldn't smell what the rock was cooking.
  2. I misplaced Dwayne Johnson's cutting tool for the origami workshop... I can't believe I lost the Rock's Paper
  3. Casting Dwayne Johnson in a movie is a bold decision... Casting The Rock is a boulder decision.
  4. Dwayne Johnson paid me to clean up and organize his craft room, but sadly, I lost his scrapbook cutting tool. I lost the Rock's paper scissors.
  5. I was cornered by Dwayne Johnson in front of a Hallmark store. I was caught between The Rock and a card place.
  6. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson just found out 2 of his kids are gay... ...I guess you can say they are fruity pebbles.
  7. Dwayne Johnson and his family all contracted COVID.. They figured it out when they couldn't smell what the rock was cooking.
  8. I never realised Dwayne Johnson lived in the apartment above us. All this time we had been living under a rock.
  9. [OC] i just realized Dwayne Johnson was living above my appartment. i was living under The Rock for a very long time.
  10. You know, Dwayne Johnson was always a special kid... In third grade, all the other kids drew a family tree. Little dwayne made a family quarry.

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Dwayne joke, You know, Dwayne Johnson was always a special kid...

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Dwayne One Liners

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  1. How does The Rock pee? He Dwaynes his Johnson.
  2. What do Irish people call a Dwayne Johnson impersonator? A Sham-Rock
  3. Does Dwayne Johnson purchase bulk shears? No.
    The Rock pay per scissors
  4. Why is Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson always so sad? Everyone takes him for granite.
  5. How do you beat Dwayne Johnson in a fight? Throw paper at him
  6. Knock knock... Dwayne.
    Dwayne who?
    Dwayne the tub, I'm dwowning!!!
  7. Who decided to call it "Dwayne Johnson's wrestling Career" instead of... Classic Rock?
  8. I hear The Rock gave up drinking He was tired of pouring money down the Dwayne
  9. If you give Dwayne Johnson a spanking... It means you've just hit Rock bottom.
  10. Who's the one person Medusa cannot turn to stone? Dwayne Johnson
  11. What do you call an Asian Dwayne Johnson? The Wok.
  12. The Rock How does The Rock pee ??
    He Dwaynes his Johnson.
  13. Why is Dwayne Johnson the bravest man alive? Because he's Boulder than all the rest!
  14. What do you call Dwayne Johnson on the moon? A moon rock
  15. Why did Dwayne Johnson beat 2 Gay women? Because Rock beats scissors.

Dwayne Johnson Jokes

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  • A few years ago, I used to live next door to both Dwayne Johnson and the pop group that sang 'Take On Me'. I was stuck between a Rock and A-ha's place.
  • You know, the saddest thing about Dwayne Johnson's success as a movie actor is how he's completely forgotten his brothers who got him there. Paper and Scissors.
  • Why do movies with Kevin Hart and Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson pairing do well in the box office? Because they have a little Hart and a big Johnson
  • What do Dwayne Johnson impersonators and three-leaf clovers have in common? They're both shamrocks.
  • I remember once I was forced to choose between Dwayne Johnson and a lifetime supply of frozen fish. I was stuck between a Rock and a hard plaice.
  • What happened to vin diesel when Dwayne Johnson pinned him against a brick wall? He found himself between The Rock and a hard place.
  • Why doesn't Dwayne Johnson's downstairs neighbor understand references to current events? He's been living under The Rock.
  • What are the names of Dwayne Johnson's sisters? The Rockettes.
  • Dwayne Johnson wants to move to a peninsula south of Spain. He wants to be the Rock of Gibraltar.
  • date: i like a lot of music but i'm really into rock me: [trying to impress her] oh yeah me too
    date: really? what's your favorite subgenre?
    me: [visibly sweating] d-dwayne johnson

Dwayne Rock Jokes

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  • What's the difference between where you pour dirty water and The Rock? One's the the bottom of a sink and the other's a Dwayne.
  • I was one step away from hitting the rock bottom His bodyguard caught me, Dwayne is a well protected man
  • I heard that for his role in the Baywatch movie Dwayne Johnson dropped down to 238 lbs from 260 lbs so he could look more ripped than 'big'. I guess that would make him a metamorphic Rock.
  • What's the difference between a bunch of bugs and Dwayne Johnson's personal trainers? One is a group of cockroaches, the other's a bunch of Rock coaches
  • A lady was accused of slapping the buttocks of Dwayne Johnson She hit rock bottom
  • Did you hear about Dwayne Johnson and the cinnamon bun? They say it's rock and roll.
  • I heard that Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is thinking in running for President. The only way he's winning if he's going against scissors.
  • How does Dwayne Johnson sign up for a music contest? Rock enrolls
    \[Rock 'n' rolls\]
  • I heard they are going to remake that movie "127 Hours" and cast Dwayne Johnson as the rock.
  • What's a Documentary about Dwayne Johnson? A Rock Doc
Dwayne joke, What's a Documentary about Dwayne Johnson?

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What do you call it when someone has s**... with Dwayne Johnson?

Rock Climbing.

Did you know that Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson use to be addicted to h**...?

He almost died one day, until he finally decided to lay the s**... down.

What is another way of 'saying caught between a rock and a hard place'?

Having a t**... with Dwayne Johnson

Dwayne Johnson has said that he would run for President...

As long as he isn't up against paper, then he should win.

What do you call a gay-p**... starring Dwayne Johnson and Johnny Depp?

"*Rock Beats Scissors*"

A gay man wakes up in bed with Dwayne Johnson...

and realizes that he'**... Rock bottom.

My boyfriend wanted a t**... with Dwayne Johnson.

It was fun, but I wish we had gone a little slower with it, because I found myself between a Rock and a hard place pretty quickly.

So you don't know the nicknames of WWE Superstars?

What, are you living under a Dwayne Johnson?

If I s**... Dwayne Johnson...

does that mean I hit Rock bottom?

I was talking to a feminist today when she told me about the Dwayne Johnson Rule.

I'd never heard of it before but apparently in order to determine if a particular comment is appropriate to say to a woman, you should first ask yourself, Would I be comfortable saying this to Dwayne Johnson? If not, don't say it.
I thought this sounded like a great rule, so I told her, Your chest is epic.

So dumb it makes me laugh every time i hear it

me: knock knock
them: who's there
me: Dwayne
them: Dwayne who
me: dwayne the bathtub! i'm dwowning!

I auditioned for the WWE a few years ago

I auditioned for the WWE a few years ago under the wrestling name 'Paperman'.
I failed to get in though.
At the time Dwayne Johnson was the champion, and the bosses didn't want me beating him.

Wait, if you slap Dwayne Johnson's b**......

Do you Hit Rock Bottom?

John was excited to move into his new condo which was exactly below Dwayne Johnson's apartment. But soon he became ignorant & oblivious to things happening around him. Why?

Because John was living under The Rock.

what happens when you slap Dwayne johnson in the b**...?

You hit rock bottom.

if you decide to slap a random black guys a**... and it turns out to be Dwayne Johnson..'ve really hit rock bottom

What happens when you touch Dwayne Johnson's b**...?-

You hit rock bottom.

What happens when you s**... Dwayne Johnson's b**...?

You get arrested for s**... assault. What did you think was going to happen?

A dying kid makes a wish to meet Dwayne Johnson

Dwayne sits at the side of the hospital bed and asks the kid if he was a fan of wrestling.
The kid says yeah, and that he knows his only weakness.
Dwayne looks puzzled, and asks what it is.
"Come closer" says the kid.
Dwayne leans in, and the kid shows him his open palm. Dwayne looks confused, and the next second the kid slaps him full power across the face.
"Paper beats rock."

Dwayne Johnson and his friend went out to buy oars for a big Viking boat.

The oar salesman said vou can either pay 9.99$ per oar or if you buy six at once, it's only 5.00$ per oar
SO Johnson's friend said Rock, pay per six oars

The news exposed Dwayne Johson for assaulting l**... having fun

In other words:
The Paper beat The Rock for beating scissors

Celebrity m**...

Dwayne Johnson was murdered in a hotel room he was staying at. Police were called as soon as the body was discovered, and they did some investigating.
An officer knocked on the door of someone living one floor down. He asked the man who answered if he heard anything unusual above him, but he didn't know what the officer was talking about.
He was living under The Rock all this time and had no idea what was going on.

what happens if you s**... dwayne johnson

you hit rock bottom

A large movie studio is making a movie about famous musical composers played by very muscular actors. They had all of the actors choose who they wanted to be.

Dwayne Johnson chose Mozart.
Lou Ferrigno wanted Beethoven.
When asked who he wanted to play, Arnold Schwarzenegger said, I'll be Bach.

When you slap Dwayne Johnson's a**...

You truly have hit Rock Bottom

Dwayne joke, What do Irish people call a Dwayne Johnson impersonator?

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