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Despite space being a Vacuum

Mars is really Dusty

A new pilot has his first day in a real cockpit and he asks the pilot...

"Wow, there's so many buttons and switches. How do you remember what they all do?" The captain replies, "I don't, but for the love of God don't touch the dusty ones."

To spice things up a bit in the bedroom, I asked my wife to talk dirty to me.

Telling me how dusty the garage was, and about the mold in the shower, was not what I was hoping for.

Which Russian author never paid his respects?

Dusty F Key

I went to a fortune teller and they said in 30 minutes I would get dirt on my leg...

I guess it's just dusty knee

"You know when you go to a garage sale, and you find a dusty old box of National Geographics? Yeah, well you're kind of like that....

You've got issues going way back."

Old western stranger

An old man sitting at the edge of an old western town sees a silhouette approaching from the dusty horizon. Its not long before he realizes that it is a 3 legged dog limping toward him. The old man shouts a warning to the dog "we dont take kindly to strangers around here". The 3 legged dog limps like john wayne while slowly raising his gaze up to look straight into the old mans eyes with a piercing stare and says" Im lookin for the man who shot my paw"

Dusty joke, Old western stranger

What would you call the American Dream if he had an old electric piano?

Dusty Rhodes with a dusty Rhodes.

My friends call me The Archeologist

Because I date old, dusty pieces of junk

Inside the Alamo, Davy Crockett got up from his cot, walked across the dusty dirt floor to the ladder, and climbed to the roof. There, he found Sam Houston and Jim Bowie staring off in the distance... over the hills rode straight toward them a thousand Mexicans. Davy thought for a moment and then said, "Guys...are we laying concrete today?"

A board member with powers of administration suffering badly from the wind

and wearing an ironclad brassier, pushed her bosom into my face while role-playing in my dank and dirty dungeon.

That's right, a gusty trustee thrust her rusty bust in lusty musty dusty custody.

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What was the most popular Jewish name in the 1940's?


I like my women like I like my whisky...

...7 years old and in a dusty basement

α΄΅'ᡐ Λ’α΅’ Λ’α΅’Κ³Κ³ΚΈ

What do you call the mean and dusty winds of the desert?

Darude Sandstorm

What did the Sat Nav say to the Arab?

You have arrived at your dusty nation.

The other day.....

The other day I was doing the vacuuming just in my pants and I thought to myself "How do these testicles get so dusty?"

Dusty joke, The other day.....

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