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What do you call a scary dinosaur with a condom pulled over its head?

A Du-Rex!

Commercials that never made it to air

Here's my entry:

"Have you had an accident that wasn't your fault and has ruined your life? Next time, use Durex".

Poor Half Time Advertisment Choices During World Cup

An advert for Durex condoms during Half Time really brings a new meaning to "Come on England!"

Two dogs walking down the road

First dog says to the second do you use a rubber when you make love to your missus?

Second dog says Durex

First dog says no, I asked you first

Did you know that Karen has a special birth-certificate?

So do I! When I was born Durex sent an apology letter to my parents!

There's a lot of talk surrounding the EU referendum at the moment. We've already heard from the boss' of JCB and Dyson; I'm just waiting to hear from Durex and their opinions on us pulling out.

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