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What do you call The Dynamic Duo after they got hit by a steamroller?

Flatman and Ribbon

My uncle Elijah was part of a little person comic duo that worked the Catskills. His partner was 4'11, while he stood only 4'2.

Uncle Elijah got the short end of the schtick.

A duo of serial killers got convicted. The sentence caused some debate.

The first one got 25 years. He put his victims in a bowl an drowned them in milk. The other one put the milk in first and got sentenced to death.

Oli and sven

One day Oli and Sven went out ice fishing. The started drilling into the ice and from above a voice boomed " there are no fish under the ice!"

Heeding the advice the duo moved about 20 Feet and started drilling again. Again the the voice boomed "there are no fish under the ice!"

Oli gazed up and asked "are you god?!"

"No" the voice said "I am the hockey rink manager!"

So, the mad scientist duo finally succeeded

And the universe was destroyed by a pair o' docs

A lime and banana decided to become a stand-up comedy duo and called themselves ...

Key and Peele.

What do you call Captain Forte and his sidekick Piano?

A dynamic duo!

This joke came to me in my delirious state after hours of band camp practices.

You hear about the legendary musical duo that started a grain transportation company?

Haulin' Oats

What do you call a Romanic comedy duo of a man and a goat who specializes in mocking the constructs of society?


What would the name be of a magician duo containing a chicken and a deaf woman?

Hen and Keller.

Which rap duo do physicists like the most?

Run the Joules

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What's the difference between the beginning of the small intestine and a pair of jeans?

One is a duodenum, and the other is a denim duo.

Ben Shapiro is apparently looking for a partner for a hip hop group he wants to start.

He wants to call the duo Pro Tools and makes beats with LOGIC and REASON.

Did you hear why they are naming Trampolines after a famous 90's rap duo?

Because Kriss Kross will make you jump jump

Sodium and chloride...

Name a more ionic duo

Start a mathematical hip-hop duo called "E"

Because E equals MC^2

Joke I made up for musicians.

What do you call Captain Forte and his sidekick Piano?

[ ](/s "A dynamic duo!")

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